Rethinking Senior Living

Norterre’s CEO and Managing Director gave TED talks on senior care and changing assisted living services to better seniors and society. He argues that seniors should not be separated from society in nursing homes. He also thinks the topic of healthcare reform for seniors should not be politicized and hushed up, but talked about more and more by everyone.

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All Healthcare is Local

National debates on healthcare reform and senior care take too much time, Sheilds argues. Seniors need care now. It is up to local healthcare providers to start innovating today. Shelids points as an example the partnership between Norterre and Liberty Hospital to make a whole community that includes seniors. Located in Liberty, Missouri, next to Liberty Hospital, it’s basically a little neighborhood that includes a gym, daycare centers, shopping malls, and assisted living facilities for seniors that more resemble real homes rather than nursing homes.

Wellness Based Care

Shileds also states that the current healthcare system is sickness-based, or just treats illness and not much else. It ignores the rest of a senior’s life, reducing a senior to just a walking list of symptoms to treat. It needs to shift to a wellness-based system to help a senior stay happy and involved in society. Seniors should have access to all their medical data and a team of healthcare experts to help guide seniors through the medical system.

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