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When Should You Head To A Clinic For A Sprain?

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Parents juggle more hats than anyone gives them credit for. From getting their kids prepped and ready for school, drop offs, after school soccer practice, bed times… all of this on top of their own day to day lives of chores, errands, and work. But what happens when in the middle of your busy workday your entire day is thrown into a tailspin – your child finishes their soccer game with an injury. Now you have two options. You can either spend the evening in a walk in clinic or you can listen to your child wine about how bad the pain is. How do you know when an injury is more than just a little bit of pain? When do you know that a walk in clinic is in the best interest of you and your youngster?

In situations where there is any sort of question of sever injury taking your son or daughter to the local urgent care clinic is perhaps always the best answer. First and foremost your walk in urgent care doctor will have experience in diagnosing all bone ales. AN estimated 25,000 Americans end up with bone sprains every day. A good majority of these cases are seen in various medical clinics. Four out of five walk in clinics can provide fracture care.

But still, what is the difference between a sprain and a fracture?

How do you know if it’s a sprain

When the ligaments of an ankle becomes severely overstretched (and in some cases even with light tears). This can happen easy with an active child, all it takes is a miss step or a roll of the ankle. If the pain in not within the bone and more so comes from the tissue around the bone than more than likely the cases is that this is simply a sprain. Perhaps the biggest deciding factor is pressure. Can any pressure be applied to the ankle? If pressure cannot be applied, than what you are dealing with is probably more of a facture requiring immediate attention.

How do you know if it’s a fracture

A break within the bone is a fracture. If the pain is directly in the bone this means that pressure can most likely not be applied in any capacity. Swelling with a fracture is also a good indication that something is very wrong. In this case, your child should be seen by a walk in clinic right away before further damage can happen to the bone.

As a parent your days are busy and full of movement, an injury can derail all of your plans and set things into a frenzy. However, taking your little one to a walk in facility makes it a little bit easier and with fast treatment your day can resume back to the hectic schedule of a normal parents life, your child on the other hand can begin the healing process and be on the mend to scoring goals again sooner.

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