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I Might Be Addicted To Alcohol What Are My Treatment Options?

Addiction isn’t like what you see in the movies. It isn’t a dramatic change out of the blue, nor is it something you can overcome with a few well-placed words.

It’s a powerful force that can take over your life and see you losing your job, losing your friends and losing your sense of self. Today’s America sees millions of people living with addiction, from a dependency on alcohol to a developing relationship with heroin. Unlike mainstream media cliches addiction can creep up on you quietly, taking you apart piece by piece until you feel you have nothing else left. When you’re low on options and don’t know where to turn, a Christian detox and rehab center can remind you of who you used to be.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the nature of Christian alcohol treatment centers and how they help thousands of people every year get back on their own two feet again.

How Bad Is Addiction Today?

Millions of people are facing the very real nature of addiction today. These numbers have also seen significant growth over the past few decades. Back in the early 1990’s there were a recorded 235,000 admissions for the treatment of heroin as either a primary or gateway drug. The Centers For Disease Control have estimated as many as 115 people will die every single day because of drugs alone, with another 6,000 sent to the hospital emergency rooms for treatment.

What Are The Most Common Addictions?

Some of the most common addictions faced by Americans today are alcohol and heroin. The former is easily the most widespread and arguably the most accepted in the mainstream due to drinking culture and how easy it is to obtain. Heroin follows close behind, though recent studies have found more than half of all new illicit drug users begin with the drug marijuana. A Christian detox and rehab center is a necessary intervention, whether you’ve been dependent for a year or a decade.

What Are Other Drug Addictions?

Developing a dependency on painkillers is another common source of addiction in America. Opioid dependency frequently starts with people relying overmuch on prescription medication or over-the-counter painkillers, including young adults. Christian detox and rehab center resources aren’t just a useful tool in putting a dent in dependency. It can even save your life. Drug overdoses are a very real risk, with emergency room visits for non-medical use of pharmaceuticals alone seeing a 110% increase in just five years.

Why Do People Become Addicted To Drugs?

Drug addiction originates from many different sources. Some people have alcoholism running in the family, giving them a genetic predisposition to developing the disease. Others are living with depression and anxiety, using drugs as an attempt to self-medicate. The National Survey On Drug Use And Health reported back in 2015 over 8% of the United States’ population from the age of 12 and up needed substance abuse treatment. Drug rehabilitation centers are more than just familiar with the source of this issue. They can provide you a leg up.

Can A Drug Rehabilitation Center Really Help Me?

Too many people today are of the mindset that alcohol rehab centers or drug treatment facilities won’t understand. That they’re going through something too unique and abstract for anyone to help them out. The fact of the matter is very, very different. The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration found as many as 90% of those in dire need of drug rehab don’t actually receive it. Despite this, Christian detox and rehab centers have proven remarkably effective for pinpointing the source of an individual’s addiction and providing them the support necessary to tackle it in bite-sized amounts.

Addiction isn’t easy. Thankfully, you have more than enough people who care about you to make it a lot less hard.

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