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Mobility Devices Help Seniors Maintain Their Safety and Independence

Wheelchair accessible ramps

Maintaining their independence can be very important for seniors as well as for people with disabilities. Safety is just as important, and that?s the reason why home mobility devices like stairlifts and wheelchair ramps are an increasingly popular project. They restore mobility and accessibility within the home. They can be customized for each situation, and matched to either straight or curved staircases.

Aging in place safely
For older people, an essential part of the aging process is finding the balance between safety and independence. Trips and falls can have serious consequences. As people age, their bones become more brittle and liable to break more easily. They also heal more slowly, and the prolonged immobility caused by injuries can create further complications. Home modifications that prevent falls can contribute substantially to the safety of seniors living alone.
About half of all falls suffered by seniors occur within the home. If they live alone, the consequences of such falls can be serious. Bathrooms with their slippery floors, and stairs are danger areas. Home safety devices like wheelchair lifts and bathroom accessibility products can make their homes safe and accessible again for seniors and people with disabilities.

Home safety modifications for bathrooms and stairs
As many as 6.8 million people already use mobility devices like wheelchairs or scooters. Many will also consider home safety modifications like installing power wheelchair ramps or chair lifts for seniors. These serve a number of important functions, restoring mobility within the home and giving them access to the outdoors. Wheelchair ramps allow seniors to move outside the home, to the garden or to safely enter and exit vehicles.
The bathroom is the top choice for home safety modifications, according to the 2016 Aging in Place Report from HomeAdvisor. Nearly half, or 48% of homeowners who are over 55 years of age and are thinking of home modifications for aging in place safely, say that they would begin with the bathroom. At any age, a fall in the bathroom can lead to serious injuries. For seniors, such injuries could have long lasting adverse consequences. A simple addition like grab bars can make all the difference to the safety of seniors living at home.

Chair lifts for straight and curved staircases
All home modifications like ramps and chair lifts are customized to fit the features of each house and for maximum safety. Chair lifts can be customized for straight or curved staircases, depending on the architecture of the house.
Chairlifts for curved staircases are specially designed to match the shape of the stairs for a better fit. A customized lift will work better and be safer to operate. Wheelchair ramps can likewise be customized to fit the appearance and structural features of any house.

Home accessibility and safety devices like wheelchair ramps and chair lifts for curved staircases can help seniors retain their independence and mobility. Installing such devices can be an essential part of a long term plan for aging in place safely.

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