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Get Relief from Chronic Pain with Trigger Point Massage

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The number of adults in the United States that are living with chronic pain particularly in the lower back has been steadily increasing according to several recent reports. Additionally, with an increased awareness and strict regulations regarding the prescribing of pain killers, pain management has become an increasingly difficult process.

For these reasons and more, many patients are seeking out alternative options for pain relief. One such option is exercise. Many doctors encourage patients living with chronic pain to exercise on a regular basis. While this is often painful and difficult at first, regularity can decrease those symptoms.

Strengthening the core muscles can help tremendously in relieving some of the pressure being paced on the lower back during everyday activities. The core muscles are the ones that enable your body to remain in the upright position. For many, all the strain is placed on their back muscles because their side and front core muscles are out of shape.

Massage is yet another option that has been found helpful in alleviating chronic and lower back pain. Massage has becoming increasingly more popular over recent years, which has led to a clear increase in the industry.

Therapeutic massage can help alleviate muscle aches and pains by focusing on the tense muscles and helping the individual to relax those muscles. Trigger point massage targets specific muscles that are causing problems.

The health benefits of therapeutic massages are well documented in a variety of different fields of study. In addition to relief from chronic pain, massage is mentally and emotionally relaxing.

Trigger point massage can feel painful in the moment because pressure is being put on muscles that are tight and knotted up. However, the long-term relief is unmatched in many ways. Massage therapy for pain is not new. Although many people are automatically skeptical of anything they view as new age, massage has been around for hundreds of years.

Recent studies have shown that more and more doctors are approaching their patients with the idea of massage therapy due to its proven benefits. In addition to rising levels of chronic and lower back pain, stress and anxiety is on a steady climb among adults in the United States.

For those living with chronic pain, it is a well known fact that living with constant pain can lead to depression and an increase in stress and anxiety. Pursuing massage therapy can help with all of these conditions; alleviate pain, which reduces stress and reducing stress directly through the calming impact of massage.

For those who have never tried trigger point massage before, it is important to stay relaxed, to communicate with the massage therapist throughout the session, and to drink plenty of water leading up to the appointment and following. This type of massage can release toxins being stored in the massages that can lead to ailments such as headaches, and the water will help decrease the risk of headaches by keeping you fully hydrated throughout.

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