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Walk-In Clinics A Low-Cost Alternative to Emergency Room Visits

Denver walk in clinic

There are a variety of health concerns that can be treated at a free walk in clinic rather than in a traditional hospital emergency room. When a health issue isn’t life-threatening, such as a heart attack or stroke, then a person can get the care they need at an emergency walk in clinic instead.

The time it takes to see a doctor at an emergency room is longer than it is with a walk in clinic. The costs are higher, too, and tend to average around $1,318, depending on the area.

In addition to the availability of low cost health clinics, others are free, which is a great benefit to low-income individuals and their families. After hours urgent care is also available at free walk in clinics so that working adults can see a physician before or after work. This can also be a convenient option so that parents can take their children to the doctor before or after school.

One of the health issues that a physician may address is the effect of sun damage. Doctors concur that it contributes to 80% of skin aging, and it can potentially lead to skin cancer, which is a growing concern.

Other health concerns include mental and physical health issues within the elderly population. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have noted that depression rates can range between 3% to 13.5% with elderly adults.

It has also been determined that roughly 1 in 20 adults over the age of 65 experience issues with memory loss. There are also 30 million people throughout the world that have some type of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

These and other issues can be addressed by a supportive medical staff at a local walk in health clinic. Given that having a primary care physician is more desirable than seeing a different doctor every time, these, too, are available at local walk in health clinics.

Individuals and their families are able to establish an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician. In this way, both physicians and their patients develop rapport, which creates a more positive experience when seeking medical attention. This is much preferable than going to an emergency room for non-emergency medical treatment.

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