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How To Find the Right Doctor For You

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No matter what the specialty, the process of finding the right doctor for your health needs can be arduous. A person must be able to trust the directions and diagnosis they receive from their medical practitioner or they are unlikely to adhere to their medical plan. These five tips should help make the search for a new doctor somewhat easier to manage.

  1. Check Your Insurance: The first stop on your search should be to see which doctors are covered by your health insurance. For a list of doctors, usually organized by specialty, check online or look inside the booklet you received upon enrollment. Once you find the list, check that list against the results of an online search for the best doctors in your area, or check for reviews on Yelp. After all, it can, and is, used to rate doctors just as easily as a local Chinese food restaurant.
  2. Check Their Certifications: Doctors require a great deal of extra training to obtain a specialization, which should be documented by certification. Not to mention the fact that you want the best, which for doctors includes the caliber of their education. There are online databases that will allow you to search for a doctor and see their certifications, such as
  3. Ask Family and Friends: There is no one better than your nearest and dearest to ask for such a recommendation because they want you well and they know your personality. Family and friends will have a better idea of what type of doctor would mesh with your personality, as well as knowing where you live and work, filtering all the options that are not applicable to your life.
  4. Malpractice Claims: An excellent doctor could potentially be sued for malpractice, maybe even a few times, but a doctor with several such legal incidents should be avoided. Different states have their own rules for sanctions against doctors, so it is important to be aware of the laws in your area.
  5. Ask About the Office: If you are deciding between two excellent choices, the office policies of each could be the deciding factor. Is there a fee for cancellation? What happens if you are 10 minutes late for an appointment? These details have a great impact in the event that you hit traffic or one of your children gets sick.

The process of filtering local doctors to find the right one for you should be performed diligently, but that does not mean it must be a painful ordeal. Take the advice recommended in these five tips and your search will be pain-free.

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