Is your Friend Struggling With Addiction? Here’s How to Help

private rehabAddiction is a horrible disease that takes far too many lives each year. In Canada, 47,000 deaths are linked to substance abuse annually. If you know someone you care about is struggling with addiction and in danger of being overcome by substance abuse, it’s time to act and get him or her the professional help they need.

The first thing you should do if your loved one’s life is in danger is to get them professional assistance at a private rehab centre. One of the main advantages of private rehab facilities is that their issues aren’t broadcasted to their communities and other groups of people. Dealing with addiction, although extremely common, can still be a shameful aspect of life for the struggling individual.

After they have been released from drug the rehab facility, unfortunately, that isn’t always a guarantee that they will remain sober for the rest of their life. It’s the drug rehab centre’s job to get your loved one sober while at the facility, but it becomes your responsibly to continue to provide assistance for your struggling loved one.

You and everyone assisting you play a significant role in supporting your friend’s life changes that are required for their long-term recovery. Although there are plenty of complicated issues involved with dealing with a recovering addict, there are three specific aspects of life with which you should consider lending a hand:

Financial Problems
In certain situations, addiction can overcome a person so much that everything else falls by the wayside. If your loved one has been under the crutch of addiction for long enough, they might be in severe debt, out of work, and even completely broke. Obviously, you can’t just give them all the money in the world to fix these issues, but try and help them at least get on top of everything. Consider letting them stay with you while they get back on their feet. Help them look for a new job and talk to debt collectors in order to figure out a plan of attack.

Relationship Problems
It’s important that your loved one ends every negative relationship they had that involved drugs when they were an addict. Sooner or later, if they go back to those friends, even as a sober person, they might succumb to their addiction and go right back into their harmful ways. Have more positive role models hang out with you and your struggling friend and end all negative relationships.

Health Problems
Just because your loved one has completed rehabilitation doesn’t mean there aren’t any lingering health issues. You should encourage your friend to get medical attention and schedule regular visits to their doctor. Help them get back into a healthier routine as well. Take them shopping and only buy healthy foods, encourage them to work out with you, and try to figure out a healthy sleep schedule together.

Life as a recovering addict is extremely difficult, but as long as you are helping your struggling loved one and continue to show them how good life can actually be, they will be eternally grateful for your friendship and will hopefully stay on the right path.

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