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Let Your Style of Bike Riding Determine Your Bike Seat Choice

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If you enjoy riding a bike, you are not alone. There were about 36 million people around the United States, aged seven and up who said they enjoyed bike riding six or more times in 2015. That same year, the bike industry was able to bring in $6.2 billion in direct sales. In terms of used bikes, those generated a whopping $1.2 billion in sales that year. Since 2005, most states have seen the number of people who like to commute on a bike go up by at least 46%. Globally, there are more than one billion bikes being used today. That is at least double the number of passenger cars that are on the road. If you are looking to get into biking or get back into biking, one of the most important things you need to do is to get the most comfortable bike seat. There are a lot of types of bike saddles so getting the right one for you should not be too much of an issue.

The first thing you need to do when you are evaluating the different types of bike saddles is look at your riding style. How you plan to use your bike will determine which of the many types of bike saddles will work best for you.

  • If you prefer short rides, you should look at bike seats that work for recreational bike riders. Think about how you ride your bike and for how long. Many people who ride recreationally sit upright while they are riding. These are people who use their bike to commute to work. If most of your bike riding is in more urban areas, you probably want a bike saddle that has springs in it or plush padding. You should make sure your seat has a nose that is short. You may also want to look into getting a seat post that also has springs in it. That can make the ride more smooth.
  • If you like to go a long way or are veryinterested in racing, you will need to look for performance seats. These have longer noses. These are much more narrow and have very little padding. When people like to race or are out to get as many miles in, the way they sit on their bike is a lot different. If this is you, you know that the tucked manner in which you position your body to do this kind of riding keeps most of your weight off of your sit bones. For this reason, you do not need the same amount of padding.
  • If mountain bike riding is your thing, you really need a bike seat that was specifically designed for that style of bike riding. Mountain bike riders will use multiple positions when riding. Of the types of bike saddles, these are some of the most variety. They have a shape that has been developed to make movement easier, a decent amount of padding and a very sturdy cover. Mountain biking is very popular in the United States. In 2012, at least one quarter of all bikes that were bought in specialty bike shops were mountain bikes.
  • If you are going for pure distance, you need a special saddle that is really a combination of a road seat and a mountain bike seat. These saddles typically have a good amount of padding but a long and narrow nose. If you are going a long way, that padding will make a big difference in how comfortable you are. Few this can derail a great bike ride like an uncomfortable seat.
  • It is worth noting that there are some types of saddles that have been designed specifically for women. Generally, women are smaller than men and have hips that are wider. That is why all of these types of saddles come in versions that are better for women to use. Women should look into these kinds of bike seats.

Riding a bike is a really great way to get exercise and have a great time doing it. The right bike seat will make that even more fun and the ride much more enjoyable.

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