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The 3 Most Obvious but Most Difficult Obstacles to Shedding Pounds

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If you have always struggled with your weight then it can be frustrating to be with people who have not and don’t understand. Maybe you have tried all the weight loss programs, been to every medical weight loss clinic in the city, worked with numerous trainers and still have not been able to lose weight. Maybe you then tried to find out if there was sort of hormonal imbalance in your body but it was determined by doctors at one of the weight loss clinics that you do not have a medical condition prohibiting you from losing weight. If this is you, then there could be some hard facts that you need to face.

Lack of Self Control
Losing weight has a lot to do with denying certain pleasures or adding unwanted factors in the beginning. This could be an extra helping of food or the desert that you don’t need. It might be that you are not drinking enough water or exercising. Having a lack of self control doesn’t mean that you are constantly engorging yourself with chips and chocolate; it could be as simple as having a piece of pie and ice cream every night after dinner or drinking soda with every meal. These are the first things that need to stop. Being at a good and healthy weight is very important to your quality of life and length of life as well. Once you have gained control in the area of eating and exercise, then there is nothing wrong with having dessert every once in a while or skipping a workout day because you know it’s not going to throw you for a loop and you’ll be able to pick back up the very next day without much of a repercussion.

Lack of Consistency
You probably heard about this at weight loss clinics or from a trainer, but one of the most important factors to losing weight is consistency. This means sticking to something, anything when you’ve decided to try it. If you go from one fad diet to another every other week, it’s no wonder that you can’t lose weight; your body is never given time to adjust to a certain way of eating, working out or living. Typically speaking, when you first begin to try and live in a manner that will reduce your weight, you are not going to see the scale go down right away. In fact it may go up which can be very discouraging. However this is because your body goes into a little freak out mode and hordes your fat cells but once it begins to regulate and realize that it is still getting what it needs, it releases the unnecessary elements which causes you to lose weight. This is why if you change your method every few weeks your body will never have time to regulate.

Lack of Water
It’s easy to underestimate how important water is still losing weight but it’s one of the most crucial factors. Your body will retain water for various reasons but one of the main ones is that you are not drinking enough. The more you drink, the more your body will release as it is constantly being flushed. If your body does not know when more water will be coming into its system, it will hold onto it and in essence, store it. Another thing that water does that can be irritating is when the fat cells empty, water will replace it. Once your system continues to have a regular flow of water and consistency in the diet, that water is released, flattening those fat cells. This is why you can go days seeing no pounds being shed and then all of a sudden your scale will drop several numbers at one time.

Visiting a weight loss clinic may be what you need in order to help get the support necessary for overcoming different setbacks and the obstacles that you have determined by reading this article. Support and encouragement and one of the most helpful emotional aspects of losing weight so if you do not feel that you were receiving this at home then maybe a clinic is just what you need.

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