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Three Reasons to Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer

Finding the time to exercise these days can be a challenge in and of itself, but that says nothing of figuring out how to exercise. For an amateur, knowing the right amount of work and time to put in to reach certain fitness goals can be confusing and may even lead to giving up on the effort altogether in frustration. Thankfully, hiring a personal trainer can be the answer to these concerns. Personal fitness trainers are knowledgeable in exercise and can help clients easily reach the goals they?ve set out to achieve. The health benefits of being guided by a professional don?t end here, however. A personal trainer can also:

1. Help you meet your personal health guidelines:

Less than 5% of adults get the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity a day and more than 80% do not meet the suggested amount of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. Lacking in proper physical activity is a problem that affects many of us in this day and age, something that a hired personal trainer can guide us to find the motivation to meet. A personal trainer will see to it that their adult clients get at least 2.5 hours of a moderate-intensity aerobic activity a day (such as jogging or brisk walking) and 2 or more days a week of muscle-strengthening exercises.

2. Assist in maintaining a healthy weight:
Exercise is an invaluable practice to losing and keeping weight at a healthy number. Experts are predicting that half of all adults in the United States will be obese by 2030; given our lack of proper physical activity that seems a likely outcome. We?re fortunate to have professional personal trainers in business that can help keep our numbers low and waistlines small as we go into the future.

3. Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke:

This is definitely a more serious consequence of lack of exercise, something that hiring a personal trainer can help prevent. Heart disease and stroke remain two of the leading causes of death in the United States and there is likely a correlation between that and the lack of physical exercise. However, risk of stroke for those over 40 that remain active decreases by 50% and blood pressure can be reduced by as much as 75%. In this sense, the choice of whether or not to find a personal trainer might be a matter of life and death.

No matter what your personal goals or needs, a personal trainer can be your guide to getting the most out of your exercise regimen.

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