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Drug Dependency Come Out on Top

Addiction treatment portland

Drug addiction is certainly no laughing manner. It can be taxing on both the addicted person, as well as their loved ones who watch them struggle through their dependency. Worst of all, overcoming a drug addiction is nearly impossible to do alone. That is why drug rehab centers are so highly sought after. For the best opioid dependence treatment, it is important to get into a facility that knows how to treat the addiction and how to help you or your loved one make it through the struggle. Medications to help treat the dependency combined with a monitored lifestyle and group and one on one counseling sessions can get you back on the straight path to recovery and help you take back control of your life.

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

A drug called Suboxone has been available in the United States since 2003. It contains two ingredients, which are Buprenorphine and Naloxone. This is a chronic pain reliever that they use in opioid dependence treatment to help addicted individuals manage their pain without putting additional opioids into their system. In addition to the Suboxone treatment, drug rehab centers use Vivitrol. This is a shot that blocks the effect of opioids on the brain. After Vivitrol is administered, pain pills and heroin will no longer get a person high. The shot is given monthly by a health care professional, the effects of Vivitrol last for 30 days. However, Vivitrol cannot be given to an addict until they have been sober for seven to 10 days. Once they have remained clean for that period of time, Vivitrol can effectively be used to help patients overcome their addiction to opioids.

Statistics on Opioid Addiction

Many people in America deal with substance dependence or abuse. About 9.4% of the population lives with addiction. That adds up to be around 24.6 million people who are age 12 or older that struggle with drug dependency. Of those 24.6 million, 1.9 millon people are addicted to prescription opiates and 517,000 people struggle with a heroin addiction. A prescription pain reliever is abused for the first time by 2,500 American youth each day. Of the people addicted to opioids, about 75% of them switch to abusing heroin as a cheaper source of opioids. It is estimated that more than 50% of the population who are 12 years old or older use, or have used, pain relievers non medically that they obtained from a friend or relative. Many of these people don’t realize how dangerous their drug addiction can be. However, in 2013 drug overdose was the leading cause of death, even more deadly than car accidents and homicide. Opioid dependence treatment can help addicted individuals to overcome their addiction and land themselves on the road to recovery to lead a healthier, drug free life.

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