Do I Need a Podiatrist?

    Foot pain

    Lots of pain and discomfort we simple laugh off or live through till it goes away. Sometimes, though, the pain becomes more serious. You might be asking yourself: do I need a podiatrist? Here are some reasons you just might :

    Do I Have An Injury That Won?t Go Away?

    The human foot has 26 bones in it, which is a whopping one quarter of all the bones in your whole body! Your feet are really important, used every day, and also easy to hurt. Since the average adult is walking 4-6,000 steps every day and travels nearly 75,000 miles on foot by the time they are 50, that?s a lot of opportunities to injure a foot or an ankle.

    You should be asking, ?do I need a podiatrist?? if you?ve got persistent foot pain from any kind of injury. If you hurt something in your foot and it’s just still bothering you, go see someone to find out what’s going on. The same holds true if you?ve got any kind of unidentified pain or swelling in just one foot, or pain from a wound or sore that isn?t healing.

    Does Foot Pain Interrupt Your Life?

    It might be from bunions, from nerve pain, or a problem in your ankles. Do I need a podiatrist? Yes, if that pain is interfering with your ability to live your life. Maybe you think your foot pain is normal and you need to just power through it: but likely there?s something that can be done to help you feel better.

    About 1/4 to 1/3 of people in the United States have some kind of deformity due to bunions, for example. This is a common problem that is very treatable. In fact, some bunions might be from something as simple as wearing shoes that are too tight. The American Foot and Ankle Society found that 88% of American women are wearing shoes too small for their feet, and 55% of that group had developed bunions. A podiatrist can do bunion surgery, knows how to treat a bunion, and can give you the knowledge you need to avoid as much foot pain as possible in the future.

    Do You Have Unexplained Stiffness or Ankle Pain?

    It might be tightness, or a troublesome feeling that arises when you walk, jog, or exercise. You might find yourself feeling too stiff to walk after sitting for long periods. Do I need a podiatrist? You just might if that stiffness or pain doesn’t go away pretty quickly.

    A podiatrist can not only do surgery, but also physical therapy. He or she can recommend exercises for strengthening and stretching the ankle and foot, or give you advice on how to change your activities to relieve pain. They can even help you get custom-made prescription orthotics, if necessary.

    If you?ve been living with constant discomfort or pain in your feet and ankles, it?s probably time to get it checked out. You might be surprised how much better your quality of life can be!