The Dangers of Burnout on the Job, and Managing Your Workplace Stress

    How to recover from exhaustion

    Burnout is a very serious and realistic occurrence that happens to a variety of people who work as healthcare professionals. Studies have taken place that show that there is currently a 35.2% burnout rate amongst physicians working in the U.S. The truth is, many people feel as if they are having a bad day in the healthcare workplace, or feel as if they are not appreciated. They attempt to balance work and home life to no avail, because working in healthcare can be mentally and physically draining and it’s hard to find the extra time for anything. Burnout on the job is more than simple exhaustion – it keeps you from every element of your life and makes it difficult for you to manage anything other than your career. However, there is recovery from severe burnout, you just need to be able to diffe Continue Reading