In an Emergency, Urgent Care Often Is the Better Choice

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    When you have a medical issue and need to see a doctor outside of normal business hours for a physicians office, you have two choices: the emergency room or family urgent care. Going to the emergency room is expensive, and more and more health insurance plans are trying to discourage the practice by adding extra fees for those visits. Visiting a walk-in urgent care center has some advantages and can be the better choice by far.

    Of course, the biggest advantage of going to a family urgent care center instead of the emergency room is cost. An ER visit can easily cost several hundred dollars, and that doesn’t even count any costs for tests or medical supplies you might need. On the other hand, most urgent care centers have rates that are comparab Continue Reading

    Three Things You Didn’t Know About Urgent Care Facilities

    Family medicine and occupational health services

    We’ve all been there. It’s 10:30 at night on a weekend and your child has a sinus infection that is making it impossible for them to sleep, or function, or do anything except cry. You know they just need a round of antibiotics, but this isn’t the kind of scenario that you want to wait until Monday when your pediatrician can see them. It’s not really an emergency, and not worth sitting in an emergency room waiting room for hours upon hours, exposing your baby to the contagious illnesses that are always waiting to be treated in the emergency room would be a huge bummer.

    This situation is exactly why family urgent care clinics are popping up everywhere you turn. Family urgent care clinics are designed for when you need medical treatment within 24 hours, but your illness o Continue Reading