Three Incredible Hair Loss Solutions You Need to Hear About

    Hair loss new york

    Hair loss can be a serious blow to a person’s self-confidence. It’s why 30% of people would be willing to become abstinent if it meant getting their hair back; why 47% of people would be willing to spend all of their life savings on hair loss treatments that could fully restore their hair; and why 60% of people would rather have more hair than more money or friends.

    Thankfully, modern medicine has delivered several, advanced hair restoration options that can quickly return a person’s confidence and self-esteem. If you’re suffering from baldness, one of these hair loss solutions may be able to help.

    Scalp Pigmentation.

    Scalp pigmentation is the process of having a bald area of the head tattooed with tiny dots that simulate the look of a real, buzzed haircut. Continue Reading