How to Get the Best Skin Care For You

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    Nearly 85% of people suffer from acne at some point during their lives, with an estimated 40 million to 50 million people currently affected in the United States alone. Acne is a skin condition most commonly associated with adolescence: accordingly, by their mid-teens, more than 40% of teenagers have acne or acne scarring. However, adults also often require acne treatment products and procedures; likewise, there are a variety of other skin problems that can affect people, causing them to seek out everything from varicose vein laser treatment to skin cancer treatment methods. But regardless of Continue Reading

    Assisted Living Facilities

    Assisted living residences

    Assisted facility living is also referred to as a nursing home, intermediate care facilities, rest home, convalescent home, skilled nursing facility (SNF), assisted living centers, or care homes. They offer residential care and is a place of living for people who require continual nursing care or who have issues handling day to day life activities. This is usually determined by a hospital social worker and the person’s nursing facility provider. To help take care of these people there are nursing aides and skilled nurses. They are usually available 24 hours a day at most assisted living residences, and most assiste Continue Reading

    Do You Need Help With Time Management?

    Life management skills

    You don’t have to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to need help organizing your life. ADHD sufferers usually have a hard time managing their time, completing tasks in a timely manner, and staying focused.

    For this reason, the treatment of ADHD has often fallen to medication, life management skills, ADHD coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy for ADHD.

    But even without ADHD, time management exercises can help you get your life back on track. Here are a few tips.

    • Making a Time Schedule. It would be beneficial to first find out where your time is being spent the most. If you create a chart with a list of activities you do on a daily basis, Continue Reading

    The Benefits of Acupuncture

    Medical acupuncture

    You’ve probably heard about acupuncture, and how it’s becoming one of the most popular types of alternative medicine around the world. But if you’re still wondering why it’s so popular — well, you’re not alone. A lot of people just focus on the whole “being pricked with needles” thing without knowing about all the benefits of acupuncture. So what exactly makes acupuncture so great?

    • Acupuncture therapy is often used to treat headaches, back pain, and arthritis in the knees. This pain can often be difficult to treat with normal medical practices because it occurs in such large areas. The types of drugs normally used to treat these pains — even prescription drugs — can have side effects or can be dangerous to take for long periods of time. Continue Reading

    Pleasing Your Peds

    Orthopedic podiatrist

    The feet are a very important and unique part of the human body. Feet do so much and allow for so much, however, people do not generally know much about proper foot care and facts about feet. Not all feet are the same.

    Your feet, complete with 250,000 sweat glands, have about 25% of the total number of bones in your entire body. Some people have a condition known as flatfoot (pes planus). Flatfoot is a condition in which the longitudinal arch in the foot, which runs lengthwise along the sole of the foot, has developed abnormally and is dropped, lowered, or flattened out.

    Most children are born flat-footed and will stay that way until they are between the ages of 3 and 5 when their longitudinal arch reaches full development. That is part of the reason why babies have a noticeably different foot struc Continue Reading

    Three Great Ways to Make Yourself Look Better

    Rhinoplasty surgeons

    Did you know that the cosmetic surgery industry in Australia grew by 5.3% each year from 2008-2013? As a result, this industry now generates approximately $789 million in revenue per year. This is because there are several helpful plastic surgery options available, and each one will improve your appearance in its own way.

    1. Neck liposuction. The neck is a common problem area for excess fat buildup, so liposuction can remove the fat from this area. Neck liposuction involves surgically extracting fat from the neck, which makes the neck, chin, and jowls appear thinner. Fortunately, because liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery option globally, neck liposuction is commonly offered by the best plastic surgeons.

    2. Rhinoplasty. This procedure is the correction or reconstruction of the nose. No Continue Reading

    The Basics of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Rsd treatment

    Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a safe and non-invasive way to treat many ailments, but you may still have questions before you consider it.

    What is hyperbaric oxygen treatment?

    Patients are placed in sealed hyperbaric oxygen chambers, where the 100% oxygen increases the body’s natural healing processes through inhalation.

    In a normal setting, oxygen is transported through the body only by red blood cells. During hyperbaric treatment, oxygen dissolves into all the body’s fluids. This carries oxygen to areas where circulation is diminished or blocked and provides extra oxygen to tissues that need healing. With the painless, non-invasive procedure, white blood cells are able to kill more bacteria, swelling is reduced, and new blood vessels can grow more rapidly.

    What can HBOT treat Continue Reading

    Don’t Let Eye Problems Hold You Back Visit an Optometrist

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    Vision problems are unfortunately fairly common in the United States, particularly among people middle-aged or older: research show that 3.4 million Americans aged 40 or older are completely blind, or have a visual field of less than 20 degrees. Moreover, by age 80, almost half of Americans have cataracts or have had cataract surgery. Fortunately, according to the American Center of Opthamology, many disorders of the eye that can threaten your sight can be prevented and cured if caught early on. For this reason, it is recommended that everyone visit an optometrist every year to prevent severe and common eye disorders from forming.

    Optometrists are medical professionals trained to treat the various disorders and disease Continue Reading

    Two Important Things to Know About Joint Replacement Surgery

    Hip joint replacement surgery

    Did you know that joint replacements are expected to double by the year 2030? This is because by that time, more than 20% of the American population will be over 65 years of age. Fortunately, when you experience chronic pain, there is a joint replacement option that is right for you. As a result, it is possible to live your life pain free.

    - Types of joint replacement. There are several different joint replacement surgeries that you can receive. Hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacement surgery, for example, are all common to obtain. In fact, there are nearly 285,000 hip joint replacement surgery procedures each year, as well as approximately 600,000 knee joint replacement surgery procedures. This means that when you experience pain on a daily basis that prevents you from living your life norm Continue Reading

    The Misconceptions That Are Keeping Americans Fat

    Ask a nutritionist

    Obesity is a growing problem in the U.S., with wholly 63.1% of Americans officially overweight or obese. What is even more troubling, however, is that American children are more likely to be overweight than ever before. Disturbing misconceptions, unhealthy lifestyles, and the bogus diet industry are to blame. What are some myths about weight loss that are making Americans fat?

    Myth #1: Crash Diets Work

    Recently, several news groups reported that 95% of diets do not work — and that people who lose weight will often gain it back (and sometimes even gain more). Americans are running with this information, and that’s markedly harmful. Why? The findings are, up to a point, true. Crash diets and fad diets typically don’t work, but that’s because they are non-sustainabl Continue Reading

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