Three Ways to Get Healthy, Attractive Skin

    What is a chemical peel

    Did you know that more than 10 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments were performed in the United States in 2012? This is because cosmetic procedures are designed to improve the appearance of certain areas of the body, such as the skin. In fact, there are several cosmetic skin treatments available, and each one is beneficial in its own way.

    1. Juvederm. Juvederm is an injectable filler that is designed to reduce facial wrinkles. This filler was approved by the FDA in 2006 because it contains hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally produced by the body to strengthen muscles and tendons. Since Juvederm can help soften deep folds, it is an effective way to improve the appearance of skin.

    2. Botox. Continue Reading

    What Can Acupuncture Do For You?

    Benefits of acupuncture

    These days, many people are looking to alternative health practices to supplement the Western medicine they already rely on. One such practice is acupuncture, which is rooted in ancient Chinese medicine. Acupuncture has become very popular in recent times, 6.5% of Americans attest to having undergone acupuncture treatments, and of those, 22% visited an acupuncturist during the past year. In the U.S., acupuncture has been practiced for approximately two centuries, though it has been used in China to treat a myriad ailments for millennia. Approval of the acupuncture needle as a medical device was granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1996, and since then the practice has taken off considerably. But what is acupuncture exactly? Continue Reading

    Urgent Care Centers How They Can Make Your Community Healthier

    Walk in clinic denver

    Over the last few years, the number of urgent care facilities has risen dramatically in order to support the overused infrastructure of the Emergency Room system.

    Now I am sure that many readers already know how overcrowded and expensive emergency rooms can be. Two years ago I broke my arm while riding my skateboard to work and it took eight hours for a doctor to see me. Because emergency rooms have so many individuals seeking care, and so few professionals available to see them,the waits are painfully long. On the contrary, urgent care services can be a much better option for patients. A little over half of all patients who visit urgent care facilities wait only fifteen minutes and more than three quarters are seen by a physician in under an hour. Beyond the speed of urgent care, the price is also dra Continue Reading

    Understanding Clinical Depression

    What is tms

    Major depression has become more and more prevalent in recent years. Although the phrase has been thrown around a great deal, many people still have misguided notions about what depression actually is; what are the causes of depression and what are the symptoms of depression are questions to which the average lay person does not know the answers. As well, because depression is so common, many concerned friends and family members of individuals who seem down or blue wonder about whether their loved ones are exhibiting any of the top signs of depression, and if so, whether treatment for depression could be helpful.

    The most important thing to understand about depression is that it is neither a choice nor an emotion. Depression is a clinical ill Continue Reading

    Emergency Rooms Tack On Upfront Fees

    Std testing scottsdale

    Why is going to the ER about to get even more expensive? According to ER doctors, too many Americans are abusing emergency departments and emergency care, and hospitals are no longer going to stand for it. On top of bills that may amount to tens of thousands, ERs will also be tacking on upfront charges for some patients. Who will have to pay these news fees, and are there alternatives for patients who do not want to pay them?

    Who Will Pay For Immediate Care, and Why?

    Doctors may charge upfront fees starting at $150 to all routine patients in the emergency room. What constitutes a routine patient? First of all, the charges will not apply to pregnant women, children under 6, and seniors. All other patients who have relatively routine symptoms, such as c Continue Reading

    Dermatology Solutions to Build Confidence

    Acne skin care regimen

    As a teenager, you probably developed an acne skin care regimen. However, things in the dermatology world have changed over the years, and probably so did your regimen. It can be hard to know what is best for your skin these days. The best solution is to find dermatology doctors in your area for a consultation.

    Forty to 50 million Americans are affected by acne. A family dermatology center can help you develop an acne skin care regimen that will rid you of those awful red bumps for good. Dermatology specialists can also give you other tips on skincare and natural acne skin care if desired.

    As we grow older, it is natural that we will shift from needing an acne skin care regimen to a wrinkle prevention regimen. Like acn Continue Reading

    Cabell Huntington Hospital sued over cleaning of wound

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    Cabell Huntington Hospital sued over cleaning of wound
    Clyde Mitchell Copley went to Huntington Hospital for cleaning his wound but he he was not treated well.  He said to the Cabell Circuit Court while filing his complaint that a physician of Huntington Hospital was not professionally a doctor. He failed to clean his wound which resulted in a big infection and foot surgery.

    Copley said in his press briefing that “I was shifted to Three Rivers Medical Center in Louisa, Ky. Where doctors evaluated my wound and said to me that they would transport me to Cabell due to lack of orthopedist availability”. He further said that he had reached the hospital at around 10:21 p.m. on Dec. 9, 2011 and his orthopedic consultation took place 1 a.m. on Dec. 10, 2011.

    It is mentioned in the suit that the physician had noted that his wound was clear however the hospital authorities discharged him in one hour. He claims that after the passage of 3 days, the condition of his wound was brutal and there was swelling on his left ankle. Later on, the litigator was admitted he underwent foot wound and left ankle incision.

    Furthermore, it is mentioned in the suit that Copley was visiting the Three Rivers Medical Center for many months to heal his wound and he was not properly cured by the physician of Huntington Hospital. He claims that the physician did not remove the grass of his wound which caused the foot infection however he had to undergo foot surgery.

    Last but not the least he is being represented by Michael C. Walker of Cyrus & Adkins and the case is being heard by Circuit Judge David M. Pancake. Copley has filed his suit for compensatory damages and looking for his pre and post judgment interests.

    Virginia, West Virginia broadcast stations honored

    healthy trail running
    Virginia, West Virginia broadcast stations honored
    In the 2014 Associated Press Broadcasters Contest, WVIR-TV in Charlottesville earned the honor for small market television while WWBT-TV won Outstanding News Operation for large market television. On the radio side, the WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va earned Outstanding News Operation award where as WMUL-FM, Huntington, W.Va. the flagship station for Marshall University earned the award for non metropolitan radio.  Actually, metropolitan stations are granted broadcasting license for such cities which have more than 50,000 population size.  On the other hand, non metropolitan cities are those which have smaller population than 50,000 figure.

    List of few winners:
    Metro Classification:

    Outstanding News Operation
    Superior, WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va.

    Best Cover Age Of A Spot News Story
    Superior: WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va., “Theatre West Virginia Is Closing”

    Best Coverage Of A Continuing News Story
    Superior: WTOP-FM, Manassas, Va., “Government Shutdown
    Meritorious: WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va., “Patriot Coal vs. UMWA”
    Meritorious: WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va., “Schools for the Deaf and Blind”

    Best Year-Round Sports
    >No entries submitted

    Best Documentary Or In-Depth Report
    Superior: WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va., “West Virginia at 150”
    Meritorious: WTOP-FM, Manassas, Va., “Troubled Waters”

    Best Feature Or Human Interest
    Superior: WTOP-FM, Manassas, Va., “Homeless Search”
    Meritorious: WTOP-FM, Manassas, Va., “Arlington Wreaths”
    Meritorious: WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va., “The Demon Beat”

    Best Website
    Superior: WVPN-FM, Charleston, W.Va.,

    List of hospitals in West Virginia

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    List of hospitals in West Virginia

    1.      Broaddus Hospital – Philippi, West Virginia
    2.      Cabell Huntington Hospital – Huntington, West Virginia
    3.      Stevens Clinic Hospital (closed) Welch, West Virginia
    4.      Thomas Memorial Hospital – South Charleston, West Virginia
    5.      United Hospital Center – Clarksburg, West Virginia
    6.      Veterans Affairs Medical Center – Beckley, West Virginia
    7.      Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Louis A. Johnson VAMC) – Clarksburg, West Virginia
    8.      Veterans Affairs Medical Center – Huntington, West Virginia
    9.      Veterans Affairs Medical Center – Martinsburg, West Virginia
    10.  Camden-Clark Medical Center – Parkersburg, West Virginia
    11.  Charleston Area Medical Center – Charleston, West Virginia unless otherwise indicated
    12.  Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital – Beckley, West Virginia
    13.  Braxton County Memorial Hospital – Gassaway, West Virginia
    14.  Bluefield Regional Medical Center – Bluefield, West Virginia
    15.  Boone Memorial Hospital – Madison, West Virginia
    16.  Hampshire Memorial Hospital – Romney, West Virginia
    17.  HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital – Huntington, West Virginia
    18.  Highland Hospital – Charleston, West Virginia
    19.  CAMC General Division
    20.  CAMC Memorial Division
    21.  CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital
    22.  CAMC Teays Valley Hospital – Teays Valley (postal address Hurricane, West Virginia)
    23.  City Hospital – Martinsburg, West Virginia
    24.  Fairmont General Hospital – Fairmont, West Virginia
    25.  Grafton City Hospital – Grafton, West Virginia
    26.  Grant Memorial Hospital- Petersburg, West Virginia
    27.  Greenbrier Valley Medical Center – Ronceverte, West Virginia
    28.  Plateau Medical Center – Oak Hill, West Virginia
    29.  Pocahontas Memorial Hospital – Buckeye, West Virginia
    30.  Preston Memorial Hospital – Kingwood, West Virginia
    31.  Princeton Community Hospital Princeton, West Virginia
    32.  Raleigh General Hospital – Beckley, West Virginia
    33.  Jackson General Hospital – Ripley, West Virginia
    34.  Logan Regional Medical Center – Logan, West Virginia
    35.  Man Appalachian Regional Hospital (closed) Man, West Virginia
    36.  Marmet Hospital for Crippled Children (closed) Marmet, West Virginia
    37.  Minnie Hamilton Health Center – Grantsville, West Virginia
    38.  Monongalia General Hospital – Morgantown, West Virginia
    39.  Montgomery General Hospital – Montgomery, West Virginia
    40.  Ohio Valley Medical Center – Wheeling, West Virginia
    41.  St. Mary’s Medical Center – Huntington, West Virginia
    42.  Reynolds Memorial Hospital-Glen Dale, West Virginia
    43.  Richwood Area Community Hospital (closed) – Richwood, West Virginia
    44.  River Park Hospital – Huntington, West Virginia
    45.  Roane General Hospital – Spencer, West Virginia
    46.  Ruby Memorial Hospital – Morgantown, West Virginia
    47.  St. Francis Hospital – Charleston, West Virginia
    48.  St. Joseph’s Hospital (Parkersburg, West Virginia) – Parkersburg, West Virginia
    49.  Sistersville General Hospital – Sistersville, West Virginia
    50.  War Memorial Hospital – Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
    51.  Webster County Memorial Hospital – Webster Springs, West Virginia
    52.  Weirton Medical Center – Weirton, West Virginia
    53.  Welch Community Hospital – Welch, West Virginia
    54.  Wetzel County Hospital – New Martinsville, West Virginia
    55.  Wheeling Hospital – Wheeling, West Virginia
    56.  Williamson Memorial Hospital – Williamson, West Virginia
    57.  Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital – Weston, West Virginia
    58.  Summers County Appalachian Regional Hospital – Hinton, West Virginia
    59.  Summersville Memorial Hospital – Summersville, West Virginia
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