5 Reasons You Probably Have Neck Pain

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    Neck pain can be, well, a pain. If left alone, you may even find yourself seeking treatment for headaches and other problems frequently associated with chronic neck issues. Since neck pain is often caused by muscle stress and poor alignment, and the best chiropractor practices deal with both, going to the chiropractor may be your best bet when it comes to relieving this pain. But in order to prevent the pain in the first place, you’re going to need to examine your lifestyle, as well. Here are five common reasons for neck pain — chances are, at least one applies to you.

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    What You Need to Know About All on Four Dental Implants

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    What is a dental implant?

    Dental implants are possibly the best option available for people missing one or more teeth. They consist of the implant — a short post of titanium alloy that is implanted into the jawbone — and the crown, which is a prosthetic tooth attached to the implant later on.

    But what if you’re missing all your teeth? It doesn’t make much sense to get a separate implant for each of your missing teeth. That’s why cosmetic dentists came up with the all on 4 procedure — and it might just be the right procedure for your needs.

    Here are three of the most essential things every cosmetic dental patient should know about the all on 4 technique for dental implants dentures:

    All on 4 implants are essentially permanent dentures.

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    The 3 Most Common Questions About Bike Fittings, Answered

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    Most people who learn to ride a bike as a kid and then continue casually riding into adulthood probably have very little idea about how to properly size and adjust a bicycle. Many people probably don’t even know that bike fitting services exist, or that anyone besides professional cyclists get them. But there are actually numerous incentives for people looking to step up their pedaling to invest in this service. Here are answers to the most pressing questions you probably have:

    1. Who Should Have a Bike Fit?

      There are many small reasons you might want to get a bike fitting, but most fall into two categories. In general, here’s who might benefit from a bike fitting:

    Tips for Reducing Back Pain if You Work at a Desk

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    Anyone who works in an office setting has likely experienced the back pain that comes with a sedentary lifestyle. So what can you do from your desk to get some measure of back pain relief?

    Ice and Heat Your Back

    Ice is one of the simplest back pain treatments you can perform from your desk. It might not offer relief from chronic pain, but it can treat an injury, if you have one. Use ice in the first 24-48 hours after an injury to reduce inflammation. After that, you can switch to heating pads to reduce pain. Don’t use either treatment for more than 20 minutes at a time.

    Stay in Motion

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    Understanding if Assisted Living is Right for Your Loved One

    Assisted facility living

    If you’re looking into assisted living for elderly family members or loved ones, it’s normal to experience some anxiety. The transition from a family home to an assisted living program can be tough for the whole family, but understanding how assisted living for elderly individuals works can help relieve some of the tension.


    Residential assisted living centers adhere to a philosophy of services and care that enable seniors to age with dignity and independence.

    Thy typical resident of an assisted living center is a senior without the complex care needs that would require the around the clock medical care provided in nursing homes. Seniors have control over how much independence they have. For instance, they can prepare their own meals or eat in communal din Continue Reading

    Three Signs You May Need to Seek Out a Chiropractor

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    Many people are aware of the benefits that chiropractic techniques can have on one’s musculoskeletal health — as well as one’s overall level of personal well-being and health.

    What these people don’t realize is that they themselves may need the help of these chiropractic techniques, which largely consist of spinal manipulation and massage along with dietary and nutritional advising.

    So how can you tell if your neck or back pain is just a minor ache — or a sign of something worse? To find out, take a look at this list of the top three most common reasons why people seek out a local chiropractor for neck pain or back pain:

    Lower back pain

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    What You Need to Know About Eye Health

    Eye sickness

    It’s been said that eyes are window’s into a person’s soul. It’s true that our eyes are one our bodies most valuable assets, with our eyesight being one our most vital senses and one that we often take for granted. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the health of our eyes in order to prevent common disorders of the eye.

    Preventing eye sickness begins with regular visits to the optometrist. This is essential in maintaining the health of your eyes and maintaining your vision. Common eye disorders can often be treated, if not completely healed, if detected early on before they enter into more severe stages. Optometrists do not only provide prescription corrective lenses and contacts, they also are experienced in the treatment and Continue Reading

    Urgent Care A Great Resource for Family Care Services

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    Flu Season. Like it or not, it’s here, and as more and more people come down with the flu, doctor’s offices quickly book with sick appointments in addition to the regular appointment caseload. Office waiting rooms are crowded and wait times are increasingly long. For this reason, urgent care centers are quickly becoming the go-to option for family care services. In fact, urgent care facilities are the fast growing component in American healthcare, with approximately 6800 facilities (most in freestanding buildings) spread across the United States. With numbers like these, it’s not hard to find urgent care.
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    The 3 Types of Evidence-Based Hair Loss Treatments

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    Every year, more than 800,000 people undergo treatment for hair loss, some with better results than others. The surgical industry surrounding hair loss alone is worth $1.2 billion, not including pills and topical applications that promise hair regrowth. With all the hair loss treatments out there, how can you know which solutions are medically based and which are simply snake oils? Here’s a rundown of the best documented solutions for hair loss:

    1. Medical Options

      There are two drugs currently approved by the FDA as hair loss treatments, mostly used in response to androgenetic alopecia (which typically causes balding in men and thinning in women). These are finasteride, better known by the brand name Propecia, and minoxidil, or Rogaine. Both of these options are recommended Continue Reading

    Why Adults Have More Options for Orthodontics Than Ever Before

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    Most people undergo orthodontic treatment as kids or teenagers. In fact, the average age of patients who seek treatment for misalignment or crowding of the teeth is around 10 years old, and 80% of American teenagers are currently undergoing some type of orthodontic treatment.

    But what if you are an adult who never had braces as a kid, but still needs orthodontic treatment? Don’t worry — you have more choices than you may think.

    In 2014, there are more orthodontics for adults options than ever before that will help give you the confidence you need to succeed in your life. Here are three of our favorites:

    Invisible braces

    Probably the most popular choice for Continue Reading

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