Is Gastric Sleeve Surgury Right for You?

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    Obesity and weight issues are rising medical problems in the United States. There are many detrimental health effects of obesity. Individuals with a Body Mass Index that exceeds a healthy range run a much greater risk of medical problems. And while diet, exercise, behavior therapy and anti-obesity drugs are first-line treatment, the newest, and one of the most successful treatments today, is gastric sleeve surgery (also called gastric bypass surgery).

    Gastric bypass surgery now accounts for more than 80% off all weight loss surgeries in the United States. The bariatric surgeons divide the stomach into a large portion, and a much smaller one, the smaller part of the stomach is sewn or stapled together to make a pouch, which can hold only a cup or so of food. With such a small stomach, or “sleeve Continue Reading

    3 Reasons Why You Should Go to Urgent Care For Your Next Medical Need

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    Those who need medical attention — but whose family practice doctors don’t have time to make an appointment — would be wise to avoid the emergency room. There are urgent care centers out there that are far more suitable options. Here’s how.

    They’re Faster. – Emergency rooms order their patients based on the severity of their injury and illness. If you only need a few stitches, and people with more serious wounds continue coming in, they’re going to go before you. Urgent care centers have far shorter waiting periods, and will be able to get you in front of a doctor far faster. The Urgent Continue Reading

    The Causes and Dangers of Low Testosterone

    Does low testosterone affect strength

    Testosterone is a hormone found in males that promotes male development, but is also crucial in maintaining male health. New research has shown that one out of every four men over 30 have low testosterone. Learning if you are at risk is the first step to addressing what may be a serious medical condition.

    The Causes of Low Testosterone
    Low testosterone is defined as 300ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter) of total testosterone with less than 5ng/dL of free testosterone produced for the body. While there is a general correlation between age and decreasing testosterone levels, there are many reasons for low testosterone including a lack of exercise, genetics, and the way modernity Continue Reading

    Are You Injured and Immobile, With No Where To Go? Here’s How To Get Moving, Today!

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    You never know what you have until it’s gone…

    Often times, we take our mobility for granted. When the body becomes immobile, that’s when we realize how essential it is to our quality of life to simply have the freedom to move about as we wish.

    In any case, if your body isn’t functioning as it should, fear not: it’s quite possible that there’s something within the medical market that can offer you some form of relief. Markedly, just because you’re not moving around like you use to, doesn’t mean you can’t learn to adapt into a better method of movement.

    When the body is not responding to physical stimuli as it should, then perhaps you’re suffering from an injury. If you’re injured, then you need to give your body time to rest and heal. Nonetheless, if you’d prefer not to be bed ridden, there Continue Reading

    Three Benefits of Urgent Care Clinics

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    Have you ever been in a dental or medical emergency where you utilized an urgent care dentist or doctor? If so you probably remember the relief that you felt when you realized that you had that option instead of the emergency room. Each week millions of patients visit urgent care clinics in America. Whether you need a quick check up, physical therapy options, or a filling for your tooth you can find help with an urgent care dentist or doctor. Here are just a few of the benefits of an urgent care clinic:

    1. Convenient – The majority of urgent care centers (85%) are open seven days a week, and more than 2/3rd are open prior to 9:00am on weekdays. With this level of availability there Continue Reading

    How Zerona Laser Treatment Can Help You Lose Weight

    Medical weight loss programs

    The United States is currently undergoing a severe obesity epidemic. More than 66% of American adults are either overweight or obese. Being overweight is bad enough; being obese is quite serious. The effects of obesity are massive. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular issues, and other complications can arise from being obese. Even gaining a modest amount of weight (such as 10% of your current body weight) can lead to bad medical consequences.

    Staying active helps with losing weight and reducing the chances of developing obesity-related conditions. However, sometimes diet and exercise isn’t enough to help people lose the weight they want. Some people are naturally better at losing weight than others; genetics can play a surprisingly prominent facto Continue Reading

    Things You Can Do for Prevention of Scabies

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    Skin problems form a major part of health issues currently experienced by people all over the world. They come in various forms and range from mild, easily treatable problems like acne to serious conditions like melanoma. Acne is the most common skin condition, currently affecting almost 50 million people in America. It is believed that 85% of all people contract acne some time in their life. Similarly, more than seven million Americans have psoriasis and every one in five is expected to develop some form of skin cancer. Scabies is a particularly irritating condition to which everyone is susceptible. You need to be particularly careful and ensure that you are not vulnerable if you want effective prevention of scabies.

    All About Scabies

    Scabies is an extremely irritatin Continue Reading

    How Do Cancer Treatments Affect Fertility? Most Patients Don’t Know

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    It’s a disease many of us hope to never experience, and particularly at a young age. That disease, of course, is cancer. Unfortunately, it can be even more devastating than many people think — especially if you are not prepared for all of the possible consequences and challenges that come along with it. Sadly, a new study from the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program reveals that many patients do not understand cancer’s effects on fertility and reproductive health. “They found that 80% of women and 74% of men between the ages of 15 and 39 were not aware that cancer therapy can impact their fertility,” according to

    Thankfully, there’s some good news. While cancer and cancer treatments can significantly reduce fertility, there are also several Continue Reading

    Smart Questions to Ask a Neurologist

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    In 2012 the top 10 leading causes of death were: heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, unintentional injuries, stroke, Alzheimerandrsquo;s disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide. In 2013 these were also the same leading causes of death.

    The leading cause of death for men and women is heart disease. Coronary heart disease is the most common form of heart disease that kills almost 380,000 people yearly. Obesity is one of the main contributing factors for heart disease, plus one in three Americans are overweight or obese. 600,000 people die in the United States every year from heart disease which ends up being 25% of deaths.

    Finding a Medical Specialist

    If you are concerned about your health or you are thinking i Continue Reading

    EMFs Secretly Harming Your Children?

    Bioelectric shield

    Baby boomers and Generation X-ers have been known to express some disdain for the way that technology is slowly permeating almost every aspect of life with each passing day. They say that devices such as cell phones, and tablets are doing more harm than good to children and young adults. They believe that they are poisoning the minds of the youth.

    There is actually some truth to their words. Cell phones and tablets, as well as every other type of technological device that exists, are causing harm to children, but not necessarily in the way that one might think.

    Technology is harming people in the form of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs.

    EMFs are a form of radiation — they are invisible electric/magnetic forces that every piece of technology emits. The reason why they are so Continue Reading

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