Improve Your Game With a Sports Massage

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    While seen as a somewhat indulgent method of relaxation, a massage actually has its roots in healing. Therapeutic massages such as sports massage therapy are performed to help treat muscular injuries and serve as good prevention against some chronic injuries. Depending on the type of massage received, a session may take anywhere from 15 minutes for a foot massage or 90 minutes for the more intense full body sports massage therapy. That is a really a short amount of time considering the benefits you reap.

    In a survey conducted by the American Hospital Association of over 1,000 hospitals, massage therapy was listed as an offering as part of their complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM. Continue Reading

    Urgent Care Facilities Often Offer Confidential STD Testing For Women and Men

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    Although there are several home STD testing kits available online, many people still opt to go to urgent care facilities, also known as walk in health clinics, to undergo the STD testing process. Remarkably, there are over 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases reported every year in America, and many go undiagnosed. Experts recommend that sexually active individuals get tested regularly to screen for sexually transmitted diseases.

    Home STD testing continues to be a viable option, but some users report that they feel more confident with results to STD tests that are performed under the supervision of a health care professional. There are over 9,000 u Continue Reading

    Three Reasons to Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

    Hiring a personal trainer

    Finding the time to exercise these days can be a challenge in and of itself, but that says nothing of figuring out how to exercise. For an amateur, knowing the right amount of work and time to put in to reach certain fitness goals can be confusing and may even lead to giving up on the effort altogether in frustration. Thankfully, hiring a personal trainer can be the answer to these concerns. Personal fitness trainers are knowledgeable in exercise and can help clients easily reach the goals they?ve set out to achieve. The health benefits of being guided by a professional don?t end here Continue Reading

    How to Find Canada’s Best Rehab Centers

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    At any given moment there are millions who suffer from the affects of alcohol and drug addiction. The Canadian health care system spends nearly $8 billion every year on substance abuse alone, which is responsible for an annual death count of around 47,000. Male and female addicts alike are over 50% more likely to die prematurely due to drug use. Defeating addiction takes time and effort; if it is time to get well, spare no expense and find the best rehab center to really get clean for good.

    The Dangers of Addiction

    Statistically, men have a higher rate of addiction than women, although women have more frequent anxiety disorders that in turn can be amplified through drug use. Those who suffer from a mental illness are twice as likely to have alcohol abuse, Continue Reading

    Don’t Take Chances with Medical Waste

    Medical waste removal

    Are you sure your hazardous waste is being properly disposed of? Do you have a good system of medical waste removal in place? Let a medical waste disposal company organize and carry out a plan for you.

    An estimated 16,000 million injections are administered yearly, worldwide; unfortunately, not all of the syringes and needles are properly disposed of afterwards. The World Heath Organization estimates that in the year 2000, 260 000 HIV infections, two million hepatitis C virus infections, and 21 million hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections worldwide were caused by injections from contaminated syringes. Had the syringes been disposed of using proper medical waste removal procedures, such as those used by a medical waste disposal company, many of these infections could have been avoided entirely.
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    Drug Dependency Come Out on Top

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    Drug addiction is certainly no laughing manner. It can be taxing on both the addicted person, as well as their loved ones who watch them struggle through their dependency. Worst of all, overcoming a drug addiction is nearly impossible to do alone. That is why drug rehab centers are so highly sought after. For the best opioid dependence treatment, it is important to get into a facility that knows how to treat the addiction and how to help you or your loved one make it through the struggle. Medications to help treat the dependency combined with a monitored lifestyle and group and one on one counseling sessions can get you back on the straight path to recovery and help you take back control of your life.

    Continue Reading

    How Human Resource Software Can Keep Your Business Up and Running

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    No matter the size of a company, the amount of work that goes into managing a business is astronomical and more than any one person can handle. While dealing with clients and overseeing the efficiency of operations is a huge part of running a company, one of the most difficult and extensive tasks is the management of employees.

    Not only must an administrator ensure that employees are completing their work but must make sure that employees are content with their positions so as not to risk worker turnover. One common way that has proven to be good incentive for employee loyalty is the addition of benefits. Up to 50% of employees have cited employee benefits as a critical reason for remaining with their current employer.

    To make sure that workers are receiving these benefits, and in a way that does Continue Reading

    Your Body is a Temple — Here are Three Tips to Keep it Pristine

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    The picture to perfect health is a multifaceted picture, with many components. While many think it’s only about exercise, without proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and other factors, your body is missing the key things it needs to function at its optimal state.
    Here are the three keys to optimal health:

    1. Exercise
      Moving your body is extremely important to helping it maintain its optimal health. For starters, try 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. While cardio is often lauded as the best kind of workout, a mix of cardio and strength training, also known as high intensity interval training (HIIT) does the most fat burning for your body. HIIT workouts build lean muscle and burn f Continue Reading

    4 Things to Start Doing Today to Prevent Heart Disease

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    Heart disease is the second leading cause of death among people age 45-64, and the leading cause of death for people over the age of 65. Heart attacks strike 735,000 Americans every year– that equals one heart attack every 43 seconds in our country. While some risk factors, such as age, sex, and genetics, cannot be helped, by choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle, you significantly reduce your vulnerability to heart disease. A few ways to do that include:

    1. Get regular exercise. Two of the highest risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Getting 30 minutes of exercise a day helps mitigate both of those risk factors. You don’t have to pu Continue Reading

    The Terms of PRP Therapy You Need To Know


    PRP therapy stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy and if you haven’t heard of it, you aren’t the only one! But believe it or not, PRP therapy has been used in regenerative medicine techniques and stem cell therapy for quite some time now, and you might even end up benefiting from it some day.

    It might seem a bit complicated but that’s really only because we don’t use too many words and terms associated with PRP therapy in our daily lives. To un-complicate the issue, here are a few key terms everyone should know:

    • PRP therapy: Just to explain it a bit more, PRP therapy involves a patient’s own platelets, which are separated from other blood cells after the Continue Reading
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