Are You Losing Time From Work Due to Chronic Neck Pain? Talk to a Doctor at an Urgent Care

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    Chronic back and neck pain can be incredibly disruptive to your daily routine: recent studies indicate that in the next ten years, more than half of all senior citizens will be receiving pain medication and therapy for chronic back and neck pain. If you are suffering from pain that seems to get worse during the course of your work day, you may want to see a doctor at your local medical walk in clinic. More than 3 million people visit walk in clinics every week for emergency room care and receive care for their back and neck issues: it could be worth a quick visit to see if you can get medication and physical therapy.

    The problem with back and neck pain is that people are reluctant to go to a medical clinic for help. About 40% of all people who have chronic pain do not want to go see local doc Continue Reading

    Podiatry–Caring for Your Feet and Ankles

    Foot problems

    Do you know how many steps the average adult takes every day? The number may surprise you, as it’s 4,000-to-6,000 steps.

    As a result, it may not be surprising to learn that many adults experience some type of issue with their feet. In fact, 75%-to-80% actually have some type of foot problem.

    Were you aware that your feet are made up of 52 bones? They also have 250,000 sweat glands for every square inch. If you’re also curious about how much your feet perspire, it’s approximately one-half pint per day. This is for the average pair of feet, however.

    It’s interesting to note that men actually have fewer foot problems than women. In fact, women have four-times more Continue Reading

    4 Signs of Hearing Loss

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    One out of every five American adults suffers from hearing loss; however, many of them don?t seek treatment. This is because our bodies grow accustomed to the gradual loss of our senses, so we often fail to notice when it?s happening. Here are four signs that you are losing your ability to hear.

    1. It is difficult for you to follow conversations in large groups

      Do you have trouble keeping up in conversation in busy restaurants or crowded rooms? You may find yourself tuning in and out of a conversation when there is too much background noise or too many people are speaking at once. In these kinds of situations, a person with hearing loss may have trouble distinguishing between sounds and noises. Hearing aids and assistive listening devices can help make the important sounds Continue Reading

    Preparing For Your Surgery

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    Any type of surgery can be overwhelming and intimidating. It doesn?t matter the extent or type of the surgery, it can be scary going under and not knowing what is happening to your body during the surgical procedure. If the surgery is extensive and risky, it can be even scarier, not knowing what the outcome might be. There are a few tips and strategies that a patient can do to prepare for their surgery. These tips are for reducing stress and medical anxiety surrounding the surgery.

    Explore all of your medical options. Sometimes medical professionals will jump right to surgery, when other options may be considered. As a patient, it is your responsibility to research all of your medical options. Suggest things like medication changes and alternative treatments and therapies to your medical provider. Do yo Continue Reading

    Create an Optimum Balance with Hormone Support Supplements

    Cellular health supplements

    There are a variety of reasons why both women and men might need or want to take hormone support supplements. Women may have hormone support supplements recommended or prescribed for difficult menstrual cycles, when they’re pregnant and nursing or when pre-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal.

    Women may also choose to take breast health supplements or digestive health supplements. When they are seeking an optimum weight through proper diet and exercise, they may also choose to take supplements to boost metabolism or metabolic enzyme supplements Continue Reading

    Sprucing up Your Eye Medicine Practice — Locating the Right Contact Lens Distributors

    Optical supplies

    If you are a doctor or are in the medical business, you would surely know that the value of working in these fields is enormous, and the utility it provides to people cannot be replaced. All over the world, millions of people seek solutions for health problems, and to be able to provide them with help in this process is something that feels fulfilling and rewarding. If you are engaged in the task of providing a section of people with opthalmological care, then you are in effect, helping people achieve better vision to look at the world with, while also improving their quality of life by quite a bit. Eye problems plague a large number of the population of America, and with the right skills and experience, and the right optical supply fueling your needs, you can do a lot of good.

    When it comes to eye Continue Reading

    Tips for Losing Weight Permanently

    Weight loss center

    Many Americans carry around extra weight. As a country, we tend to eat too much and not exercise enough. Being overweight can have many negative effects on our health and our emotional state. We may have medical conditions that are made worse with extra weight. Yet, these same medical conditions may prevent us from working out regularly. It can be difficult to lose needed weight. However, with the right planning and motivation, weight loss can be achieved with a few of these options.

    Discuss your exercise plan with your medical provider. If you are new to working out, or if you have any medical conditions, it is always important to discuss your new work out plan with your medical provider. They will provide tips and suggestions on which workout plans to try, and which ones to avoid. This can help preve Continue Reading

    Types of Weight Loss Surgery You Need to Know

    Gastric bypass requirements

    More than two in three adults are regarded as obese or overweight and this has contributed to the increase in weight loss surgery operations with more than 200,000 procedures conducted each year. Also known as bariatric procedures, medical weight loss solutions help in losing weight in two ways: malabsorption, shortening a part of the small intestine, and restriction, limiting food content of the stomach. Therefore, for those who are thinking about getting a surgery, it is necessary to understand the different types of weight loss surgery. This allows you to understand the better option for your condition prior to visiting a surgeon.

    1. Sleeve gastrectomy

    During this procedure, a part of the stom Continue Reading

    What to Do if You are Unhappy With Your Physical Appearance

    Tummy tuck

    What is breast augmentation surgery?
    This surgery includes the use of breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of your breasts. It can also restore volume that was lost after severe weight loss or pregnancy. It will increase the fullness and projection of your breasts while also helping your balance and self confidence. If you are getting plastic surgery for the first time, you may consider botox or even a facelift or something less invasive before undergoing surgery for a breast lift or breast augmentation. If you have severely dro Continue Reading

    Pediatric Care Is Important to Children and Their Families

    Breathing difficulties

    Public health and wellness has taken center stage in the 2016 Presidential Election. From Hillary Clinton’s diagnosis of pneumonia leading to dehydration, exhaustion, and a near collapse at a 9/11 event over the weekend to Donald Trump’s on air visit with Dr. Oz, the health of this election’s candidates looks to be a major talking point for now. Perhaps through the next 50 some days until the voting.
    Although it may be unusual for the news casters across American to be focusing on health conditions this often, parents of young children know first hand that the health concerns of their own children is always top priority. From getting a diagnosis for sinus infections that have been causing Continue Reading

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