Five Reasons to Use Alaris IV Pumps

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    Administering medications and treatments intravenously is an important part of medical care. The medications and fluids can either bed administered manually or by using an IV pump. The advantage of using Alaris IV pumps, also called a smart pumps, is accuracy. With less manual manipulation, the Alaris IV pumps reduce errors. Here are the top reasons to use Alaris pumps.

    1. Small loads and large loads can be handled. Large volume pumps can deliver nutrient solutions, saline, and other treatments that need to be delivered in large amounts. Small volume pumps can deliver hormones and medications. These two basic pump sizes give the ability to match the size to the purpose, allowing the patient to get what they need.

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    Aging-in-Place and Addressing Home Modifications and Renovations

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    Currently, there are approximately 53 million people in the United States that live with some type of disability. The most common disability, according to a recent study, is limited mobility. Due to this, approximately 6.8 million individuals are using an assistive device of some kind. Others, including adults that are planning to age-in-place, are modifying their homes accordingly.

    Since an older adult receives emergency-room treatment for a fall every 11 seconds, the importance of having proper assistive devices and home modifications cannot be stressed enough. This is particularly the case because more than 50% of the falls experienced by older adults occur at home.

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    Are Autoclave the Answer to Tattoo Parlor Sterilization?

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    The U.S. has roughly 21,000 tattoo parlors. Getting a tattoo can be a nerve-racking experience for most adults due to the permanence of the image they choose and the fear of contaminated tools. While the burden of choice remains with the customer, it is the second aspect that the tattoo artist can control. Cleanliness is essential to avoid cross-contamination in the tattoo business, but true safety means the shop must go one step farther and use medical-grade sanitation methods on their tools.

    The Importance of Sanitation in the Tattoo Business Is an Issue of Due Diligence.

    Customers place an enormous amount of trust in their chosen tattoo artist. They trust that the artist will create the image exactly as agreed, and that the tools being used in the process are sanitized. The internet is abound wit Continue Reading

    How Urgent Care Treatment Can Be a Superior Option to Hospital Emergency Rooms for Family Care

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    For every family, one of the most important requirements to having a full and satisfying life is to find the right place where you can get medical treatment and attention for the entire family. As an important part of your family, it is your responsibility to ensure that each and every member of your family gets adequate medical care and attention, and finding the best place for this purpose should be one of your priorities. A lot of people use hospital emergency rooms for this purpose, but there are some important disadvantages that hospital emergency rooms suffer from that can make you think again regarding this.

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    Where Do You Go When You Are in Need of Weekend or Evening Health Care?

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    This has been a great trip. Although you traveled more than 1,500 miles over this five day weekend, the whole time was exciting and free of any problems. No health problems that required any emergency care, no car problems that required any expense repairs. All in all, a very excellent trip to visit your daughter for her college’s Homecoming weekend.
    Once you returned home, however, things took a turn for the worse.
    Within a few hours of being back home the Service Engine Soon Light came on and the car and your 12 year old son fell and got hurt in a backyard game of football with the neighborhood boys. Fortunately Continue Reading

    4 Reasons Losing Weight is Easier With a Physician

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    Many people throughout the world attempt to lose weight each year. Unfortunately, a large number of people find that it’s nearly impossible to lose weight on their own. It’s wise to find a physician weight loss center if you want to take the guesswork out of losing weight. One of the most important reasons to lose weight is to reduce the risk of many dangerous diseases. Statistics show that conditions related to obesity include higher risks of suffering from strokes, diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Here are four reasons why visiting a medical weight loss center is better than getting into shape on your own.

    1. Choosing the Right Foods

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    Three Foot Conditions That Often Require Surgery

    Bunion surgery

    We often take our feet for granted. While we focus on things like cardiovascular exercise and weight loss, many people don’t think about the upkeep of their feet. Yet millions of Americans suffer from foot pain, and even have feet injuries without even knowing it. It’s estimated that 19% of the American population has an average of 1.4 foot problems each year. Indeed, it’s believed that 75% of Americans will experience foot health problems of varying intensities at one point or another over the course of their lives. The issues with your feet could vary from short-term injuries that can be treated with medication or foot surgery — or they could be traced back to minor deformities that have caused stress for years. Continue Reading

    LASIK Eye Surgery An Effective Procedure for Cataracts, Glaucoma, and Other Vision Issues

    Glaucoma treatment springfield mo

    The World Health Organization reports that the second leading cause of blindness in the world is due to glaucoma. It is estimated that more than three million people in the United States have glaucoma, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Only half of these Americans, however, are aware that they have this condition. Currently, this treatable eye condition accounts for approximately 9% to 12% of the United States’ cases of blindness.

    While some Americans may have their eyes examined more often, the Glaucoma Research Foundation conducted a survey that found 74% of the participants see an eye doctor at least every two years. When a visit to the eye doctor reveals that they have glaucoma or cataracts, many individuals opt for surgery.

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    Frustrated by Not Losing Weight? Consider Breaking the Cycle With an HCG Diet

    Hcg weight loss

    Have you made an attempt to lose weight over the past year? You may be interested to learn that on average, the typical dieter attempts to lose weight four times a year. While some people may be overweight, others are considered to be obese. If you’re not sure of the difference between these terms, when you weigh 20% or more than what is considered to be the optimal weight for your height, then you may be obese. It’s been found that over two in three adults in the United States are either overweight or obese.

    Associated Health Risks

    If you are obese, then were you aware that you have an increased risk of developing heart disease?However, if you lose just five to ten percent of your weight, this has been proven to reduce that risk. The American Heart Association also indicates that limiting the Continue Reading

    Is it Urgent or Is it an Emergency? Breaking Down Your Healthcare Options

    Emergency care

    Accidents and illnesses unfortunately don’t come whenever it’s most convenient to you — if that was the case, we’d never be sick or hurt! But what happens when you have an accident or illness that needs to be taken care of fairly quickly and your doctor’s office is closed or you’re on vacation or not close to your doctor’s office? In such a situation, doing a search for “closest urgent care to my location” is a great idea. If you’re already operating from home base, you may not need to search for “closest urgent care to my location,” — you should just head there. Obviously, if it’s a life-threatening condition, you should head immediately to the emergency room, but something like a sudden, inexplicable rash or allergic r Continue Reading

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