Do I Need To Seek Treatment For Every Allergic Reaction I Have?

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    An allergic reaction happens when your body attempts to fight a foreign substance that is has identified as dangerous. Even if the substance isn’t actually dangerous to your health, your immune system may still create antibodies. These antibodies attempt to fend off the foreign substance called allergens. The resulting effect is an allergic reaction.

    Common symptoms of minor allergic reactions

    Minor allergic reactions vary according to a person’s immune system. However, common minor allergic reactions include:

    • Dizziness or lightheadedness
    • Rashes or hives
    • Itching
    • Tingling sensations in the mouth
    • Swelling in various parts of the body including face, tongue, throat, hands, etc.
    • Nasal congestion or wheezing
    • Cold-like Continue Reading

    Mobility Devices Help Seniors Maintain Their Safety and Independence

    Wheelchair accessible ramps

    Maintaining their independence can be very important for seniors as well as for people with disabilities. Safety is just as important, and that?s the reason why home mobility devices like stairlifts and wheelchair ramps are an increasingly popular project. They restore mobility and accessibility within the home. They can be customized for each situation, and matched to either straight or curved staircases.

    Aging in place safely
    For older people, an essential part of the aging process is finding the balance between safety and independence. Trips and falls can have serious consequences. As people age, their bones become more brittle and liable to break more easily. They also heal more slowly, and the prolonged immobility caused by injuries can create further complic Continue Reading

    The Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing in Older Adults


    There is no escaping the fact that in today’s world, pharmaceuticals play a big role in the health of people all over the planet. Specifically, in the United States, we have a large number of adults who are benefiting from geriatric medicine practices.

    One of the ways they are benefiting is by receiving medications that have been developed to help deal with a number of problems that can come from the aging process.

    As we get older, our bodies become more susceptible to disease and injury and modern medicine has made great strides toward helping the elderly be more healthy and comfortable. Metabolic validation through pharmacogenetics testing has become extremely important in the field of long-term care in recent years.

    The health care system in the United States gets hit with over $20 billion Continue Reading

    How To Identify and Treat Knee Pain

    Hip exercises

    There is one industry in the United States and across the globe, that is important to maintaining your everyday life and that is the health and medical industry. This industry involves doctors, physicians, physical therapy, medicine, and much more.
    The medical industry has advanced in many ways over the past decade, with many thanks to the industry of technology for helping to speed up this process.

    Even though the medical industry is so important, many people will never seek out treatment for serious and visible issues. Understand that first and foremost, many people will not seek out medical help for mental issues. Keep in mind that 50% of all Americans that suffer from depression will never seek out the treatment they need. Also, know that many people who suffer from actual pain will never seek out hel Continue Reading

    Why Treating Depression Is Important

    Counseling services

    In the United States, one of the most overlooked issue with many Americans is the illness of depression. Now, it may be odd to hear someone refer to this issue as an illness, but that is the truth. There is no question that your mental health can contribute to not only your physical appearance but also your overall health.

    If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety or depression, it is important that you urge them to seek help and treatment. So often many people will suffer through these serious illnesses and will never seek or receive the proper treatment needed in order to improve their overall well-being. Here is what you need to know about psychotherapy, therapy serves, family counseling, and treating depression.

    It is important to know that quite often depression can affect different Continue Reading

    FAQ: Breast Cancer and Pregnancy — What Women Need To Know

    maternity clinicSadly, one in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life. A breast cancer diagnosis can be extremely traumatic, not just for the patient herself but for her entire family and anyone close to her. Because breast cancer is both so stressful and so common, it’s important that everyone educates themselves about this horrible disease.

    Unfortunately, when a breast cancer diagnosis coincides with a pregnancy, it’s natural to feel afraid. After all, when a woman with cancer is also carrying a child, she’s suddenly healing for two. The best way to understand the relationship between breast cancer and pregnancy is to speak with your physician. However, to help you understand some of the basic facts, here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear at our birthing center about breast cancer and pregnancy.

    Are pregnant women at risk of breast cancer?

    The short answer is yes, sadly. In fact, breast cancer is the number one most common cancer diagnosis among pregnant women, which is why it’s so important to visit a trusted and high quality maternity clinic. These birthing centers and women’s clinics are helpful because they can provide all the pregnancy assistance that good maternity clinics should provide, but also advanced medical attention in the event of a major diagnosis before, during, or after pregnancy. While this disease does occur in some pregnant women, remember that only one in every 1,000 pregnant women is diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Will a breast cancer diagnosis harm my baby?

    There is no evidence that breast cancer can harm a baby during pregnancy. However, certain breast cancer treatments can cause further complications, so medical professionals will have to make a careful decision about what the next step should be. If the cancer is in the early stages (stage 1 or 2), the doctor will most likely recommend surgery to remove the lump or the affected breast. If you have concerns about how your recommended cancer treatment could affect your unborn child, do not hesitate to ask your doctor as many questions as you need to.

    Is it still possible to breastfeed after a breast cancer diagnosis?

    Yes, and a woman who has breast cancer can still breastfeed without harming the baby at all. Additionally, there is no evidence that stopping breast milk flow will improve a person’s chance of surviving breast cancer. Keep in mind that breastfeeding after major surgery can cause problems within the milk ducts.

    Dealing with these issues can be extremely stressful, but as long as you’re doing some research, staying positive, and consulting with medical professionals, you will be on the right track. Do not hesitate to ask friends and family for support during this difficult time, and contact the American Cancer Society or the National Breast Center Foundation if you need more resources or support.

    If you are searching for a quality maternity clinic, emergency room, or cancer center, contact Carolina East Medical.

    Facts on Low Testosterone Treatment Options

    Low t treatment options

    Over the past 50 years, two industries have managed to expand and improve in unpredictable ways that have surprised and shocked many. These two industries are both the industry of technology, and the medical industry. While I am not here to argue which is more important, it is important to note that they have both benefited from the advancement of another.

    Technology has brought forth a new age, the information age. This new wave of information has changed the culture around us and has broken many of the molds we saw before. One of those molds involves the medical treatment of male adults in the United States.

    There are many issues that can bother men, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, and even a hormone loss. These types of issues are important because often men overlook the significance of Continue Reading

    Urgent Care Walk In Clinics Can Help Provide Solutions to Health Care Issues

    Urgent care cost

    One of the most important things in life is health. Staying healthy can too often feel like an afterthought, especially for those who are in relatively good health to begin with. But as soon as it falters, or something unexpected suddenly happens, like a broken bone, tending to those health issues becomes the main priority. However, the health care system in this country leaves much to be desired, and for many people, trying to find the right health care and insurance can be an overwhelming and scary process.

    On top of the difficulties that many people face, the standard hours for the offices of many primary physicians are little more than business hours. Any parent watching out for their children, any patient facing chronic pain, or any individual suddenly struck with a debilitating illness know Continue Reading

    Important Advantages of Proton Cancer Treatment over Traditional Radiotherapy

    Non-invasive cancer treatment

    Staying healthy and fit is one of the main criteria of a productive and rewarding life. For many, this is something that attracts constant effort, and the investment of a lot of time and resources. Unfortunately, there are a number of diseases and health concerns that can get in the way of these effort. One of these concerns, that is beginning to be regarded widely as one of the most important medical problems in the world, is cancer. There is still no known complete cure for cancer, and the treatment options that have been used for this disease are well known for causing a lot of collateral damage. However, with the advancements in medical research and technology, a number of new methods of treatment have come forward, which can definitely be considered a good news for the future.
    Continue Reading

    Going to a Local Back Specialist to Deal with Your Bulging Disk Problems


    With the fast and hectic life that many people lead nowadays, it can be difficult to find time to engage in practices that promote good health and fitness. Getting the right exercise, eating the right diet with the right nutrients, and bringing in positive lifestyle changes that can impact your quality of life are things that most people probably want to do, but cannot due to lack of time or opportunity. However, these situations can come back to affect you in a major way if they give rise to conditions that cause pain and debilitation. If you have suffered from back pain, loss of mobility or debilitation in recent times, it might be the right time to consult a specialist doctor and immediately implement measures which Continue Reading

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