How to Choose the Right Wheelchair Lift For Your Home

    Patient lifts for home use

    Choosing wheelchair lifts for home use require careful planning. According to a recent study, about 53 million Americans live with a disability, with limited mobility being the most common. While a scooter or wheelchair can help a person move around more, they will need extra assistance if their home has stairs either inside or outside. If increased mobility is the goal, then choosing between the good wheelchair lifts for home use should be a priority.

    Which of the Wheelchair Lifts For Home Usage Should You Choose?

    The wheelchair lifts for home usage are treated differently by the law and various regulations than the patient lifts meant for public use. Continue Reading

    Think You Have Sleep Apnea? Why You Should Head Straight to Your Doctor

    Cost of a cpap machine

    If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, it’s important that you visit your doctor and seek treatment. Almost 20 million Americans have sleep apnea, which has been shown to have long-ranging, negative impacts on your health if left untreated. Luckily, treating sleep apnea isn’t very difficult and there are affordable options for CPAP and BiPAP machines, including gently used CPAP machines and BiPAP machines. You and your doctor can discuss different types of face masks or nasal pillows to use with your machines for optimal comfort and continued use. Don’t wait and hope that sleep apnea will simply “go away” — you need to talk with your doctor about treatment options in order to avoid complications down the road. Let’s Continue Reading

    Three Reasons a Spin Cycle Studio Might Be for You

    Personal health

    If you are sitting at home, wondering what your next career move might be, you might want to consider a spin studio franchise. People all over the country are trying to find ways to get and stay in shape. With a spin studio franchise, you can help them achieve the goals they have set while earning a nice living to boot.

    Very rarely will you find a business that can help people help themselves like you can with this opportunity. There are many benefits of going to a spin class and you can show them all to your community. Here are three reasons why opening one of the spin studio franchises in your area could just be the best decision you have ever made.

    1.) Help peopl Continue Reading

    Treating Prostate Cancer Effectively With the Help of Proton Radiation Therapy

    One of the things that people all over the world try to achieve by investing time, effort and resources is the attainment of good health. Good health can be a combination of healthy lifestyle and habits most of the time, and quite a lot of potential health problems can be avoided by adopting simple but important practices that have an overall impact on health. A lot of people lead lives that can be considered enriched with health and wellness, and it can bring them a lot of fulfillment in life. Unfortunately, there are some health issues that do not remain directly in our control, and these are the issues that are often the most difficult to resolve. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death and distress in the world, and till date it remains a disease without a definitive cure. Common types of cancer, like breast cancer and prostate cancer, can be found in many people, and there are certain treatment avenues that can be pursued to seek for a cure. With recent advancements in medical science and technology, newer methods of treating prostate cancer and other kinds of cancer are also coming to light, which can be considered a much-needed prospect for the future.

    Advanced cancer treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer are commonly used nowadays in most cases of cancer, and have been in use for quite some time now. While these methods prove to be effective for many, the ground reality is that these methods also have a tendency to attack healthy, normal cells and not just cancerous cells. As a result, there is always the possibility of substantial collateral damage to the body, and this is what prompts medical scientists and doctors around the world of continue the search for a better solution. The kind of cancer treatment therapy that is provided in most cancer treatment centers in the country revolve around these methods, and the introduction of newer, more evolved treatment methods can indeed be a blessing when it comes to people affected with cancer. Treating prostate cancer or getting treatment for breast cancer can, over the years, become much simpler, and less conducive to collateral damage, with advanced technologies like proton therapy for cancer.

    One of the most encouraging discoveries in the field of cancer treatment has been the evolution of proton radiation therapy. In traditional radiation therapy, there was previously no scope of controlling the radiation to affect the tissue to a certain depth, and as a result, there has always been the possibility of collateral damage. For example, heart and lung damage were distinct possibilities with radiation treatment for breast cancer. Proton radiation is a certain kind of radiation that can be very specifically controlled in terms of the depth till which it penetrates the tissue, opening up a world of possibilities. This means that treatment can be concentrated in the affected areas without affecting other areas, remarkably reducing the possibility of collateral damage, and ensuring that treatment does not affect healthy parts of the body. For treating prostate cancer and breast cancer, the two most commonly found types of cancer in the country, this can be an excellent alternative form of treatment that deals with the cancer cells, and leaves the healthy cells alone.

    While the quest for that perfect cure for cancer is ongoing in medical and scientific circles, the evolution of proton beam radiation treatment can definitely be considered a step in the right direction when it comes to treating prostate cancer or other common types of cancer. Used wisely, it can present as a far better, safer and altogether more holistic treatment option for cancer that traditional radiation therapy, and can also be used in a more prolific manner, benefiting more people. With this exciting possibility now present, more and more cancer treatment clinics can start making better use of this technology, and in the process, help a much larger body of people get rid of cancer, lead a healthy and disease-free life, and save themselves from the prospect of damaging healthy parts of their body as a given part of the treatment process.

    How Physical Therapy Promotes Healing and Rehabilitation

    For thousands of people struggling with chronic pain and injuries, surgery and medication are not the answer. Very often, non-invasive pain management strategies like physical therapy, soft tissue massage and muscle strengthening programs can offer a path to a slow but complete recovery. The emphasis on education and prevention helps people to avoid injuries and illness and to improve their overall wellness.

    Living with chronic pain
    Chronic pain affects millions of people each year. It may result from accidents or sports injuries, slips and falls, or illness like rheumatism and arthritis. Whatever it’s origins, treatment and recovery from chronic pain can be a long and difficult process. Surgery and medication are not effective, and come with harmful side effects.
    Physical therapy uses mechanical force and movements to rehabilitate injuries, promote movement and flexibility, and restore functionality. Overall, the goal is to improve quality of life. Education and preventative care are also part of this mission, since they can help to prevent injuries and promote a healthier lifestyle. pain management

    How physical therapy can help
    Physical therapists use a combination of pain management techniques to promote heath and healing. These begin with a personal evaluation and treatment plan. Treatment can include skilled manual therapy, spinal cord stimulator treatment, osteoporosis treatment, and strengthening programs. Therapists may also prescribe home exercise programs for chronic pain treatment and management.
    Chronic pain in problem areas like the back, knees, shoulders and neck can be difficult to treat. Surgery can be expensive, time consuming and painful, with no guarantees of success. For many people, physical therapy offers effective pain management and relief, allowing them to recover normal movement and mobility.

    Advantages of physical therapy
    With multiple benefits, physical therapy has become an essential part of sports medicine, rehabilitation and preventative and primary care. It is non invasive and non surgical, and has no harmful or lasting side effects. It can be more easily customized and matched to individual needs. And unlike pain management medication which can be additive and harmful, physical therapy has no chemical inputs.
    Physical therapy is now widely used in pain management, injury prevention and overall wellness programs. It has become an essential component of preventative primary care, helping people to live healthier lives and avoid injury or illness.

    Physical therapy centers work in collaboration with doctors and rehabilitation facilities to create individual programs for recovery. When chronic pain and injuries cannot be treated through medication and surgery, it offers effective pain management and relief. With an emphasis on education and preventive care, it also helps people to improve their overall wellness.

    Counseling, Your Partner, and You

    Individual counseling

    Every year there are a countless number of divorces within the United States. So much so, that there are now lawyers that specialize in the practice of divorce court proceedings. These lawyers have flocked to divorce court because there are large settlements and lots of money to be made in the business of a divorce.

    With this in mind, think about your relationship with your partner. Do you feel like you two are in a rough patch? Are things not going as well as when you both first married? If these are things you ask yourself, then you will have to make a tough decision soon in terms of your marriage, or your partner will. If you want to salvage your marriage and want to work things out with your loved one, there are many benefits to couples counseling.

    Family therapy, group therapy, and coup Continue Reading

    Four Important Characteristics of a Preferred Urgent Care Location


    You have heard about the new urgent care medical model. This new medical choice is supposed to be more convenient, more affordable, and have the ability to provide many of the same medical services as your primary physician. Chances are, you will probably not choose urgent care locations until you are met with a medical need. When that time comes, make sure you are prepared by understanding how the urgent care model works and which location you should visit.

    Proximity to your location

    Usually, when medical care is needed, it is needed quickly. Continue Reading

    The Real Facts About Urgent Care

    Urgent care ballard

    Your health is one of the most important priorities in your life for many reasons. You want to live a long and healthy life, as many people do. If this is so, you should definitely look into medical clinics and walk in clinics. These types of clinics are the same exact thing as an urgent care clinic. Even though there are commonly spread myths about urgent care clinics, they are actually very helpful.

    By the year of 2030, it is believed that six out of all ten Baby Boomers will be managing a chronic condition of some sort. Also, one out of every Ten Baby Boomers reports that their physical activity has been limited to a few days a month because of extreme pain.

    Unfortunately, four out of all ten people with lower back pain will try to exercise in order to relieve said pain. This is dangerous bec Continue Reading

    4 Important Techniques for Dealing with Chronic Back Pain

    Upmc urgent care

    Back pain is one of the most common reasons for physician visits in the United States. In fact, up to 69% of Americans say that low back pain affects their day to day lives. Many of these lower back pain causes are undiagnosed. Many back pain sufferers simply deal with the symptoms on a day to day basis, without ever receiving any relief from the pain. If you are familiar with chronic back pain, you are likely to find the following techniques to be helpful.

    Consult with a specialist

    It is possible, and even likely, that you have shared your back pains with your primary physician. The problem, however, is that many physicians are not familiar enough with causes of treatments of chronic back pain. They may prescribe you a medication or suggest certain exercises, but none of this actually di Continue Reading

    Busting Five Breast Augmentation Myths

    Mommy makeover

    A breast augmentation was the most common plastic surgery procedure in 2016, having 290,467 procedures take place. Some women are scared to visit a cosmetic surgery center to have their breasts augmented. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions surrounding breast augmentation surgery. Many of the myths you are about to see are either based on old information or completely fabricated. In this post, you will learn about five false myths about breast enlargement surgery.

    • Breast Enlargement is Only for Younger Women

      A huge misconception is that only women in their 20s and 30s should have a Continue Reading
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