Know Where to Go — The Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center


    One common topic of discussion these days is healthcare — whether it’s worrying about the ever rising cost of healthcare, how to find the best insurance, or where to seek out the best medical treatment, healthcare is always on our minds it seems. This is only going to increase as American continues to gray — indeed, it’s estimated by 2030, six out of every ten Baby Boomers are going to be managing some kind of chronic condition, that will require visits to the doctor, prescriptions, and managing health insurance. However, many people don’t know that there are alternatives to the hospital, even in an emergency. Urgent care and clinic care from walk in clinics are great options for people to turn to. It’s important to know what conditio Continue Reading

    The 3 Most Obvious but Most Difficult Obstacles to Shedding Pounds

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    If you have always struggled with your weight then it can be frustrating to be with people who have not and don’t understand. Maybe you have tried all the weight loss programs, been to every medical weight loss clinic in the city, worked with numerous trainers and still have not been able to lose weight. Maybe you then tried to find out if there was sort of hormonal imbalance in your body but it was determined by doctors at one of the weight loss clinics that you do not have a medical condition prohibiting you from losing weight. If this is you, then there could be some hard facts that you need to face.

    Lack of Self Control
    Losing weight has a lot to do with den Continue Reading

    More and More People Using Urgent Care Centers

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    For a number of reasons, urgent care services are being utilized more and more by the American public. There are a number of reasons why people choose urgent care services over going to the regular doctor. Here are just a few.

    One of the main reasons more and more people are seeing an urgent care doctor is the convenience. Only about 29% of primary care doctors offer after-hours appointments, which means if you can’t get an appointment during normal weekday business hours, then you are out of luck. On the other hand, 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week and nearly all stay open until at least 7 p.m. on weeknights. Another level of convenience with urgent care is the ability to get a same-day appointment, something you often can’t get with your primary care doctor. Additionally, urgent Continue Reading

    3 Major Benefits Associated With a Multivitamin for Children

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    While eating the proper amount of fruits and veggies is important for everyone, it’s especially important for young children. However, no matter how many vegetables a child may or may not eat, a multivitamin for children is always a good idea.
    Most children are extremely picky eaters, which means getting them to eat the proper amount of fruits and veggies is often a struggle. With the proper multivitamin for children, those struggles can be reduced, if only a little! Here are three benefits of choosing a multivitamin for your children.
    Help Fill Nutritional Gaps

    Just as an anti aging multivitamin can fill vitamin and mineral gaps in the skin, so too can Continue Reading

    Quick Care Clinics Provide Affordable Quality Care in an Efficient Manner

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    What are your family’s most memorable health care visits?
    For many, these visits include evening and weekend emergency trips to quick care clinic around the country. From a quick x-ray at a urgent care Allen TX to a couple of stitches in an urgent care setting Chicago IL, families often have some fairly memorable stories from their visits for health care across America. Whether a family has that one son who gets injured skiing in Denver CO or end up visiting urgent care Allen TX after what should have been a tame afternoon hike, the tales of emergency visits are often the stuff that legends are made of.
    No matter if your family’s next visit to the urgent care Allen TX is the first or your family’s visit to the ur Continue Reading

    Can These Pedal Wheelchairs Help Stroke Victims Walk Again?

    pedal wheelchairsWith more than 3.3 million Americans using wheelchairs and another two million new users added each year, the wheelchair industry is thriving. So much so that the industry for manual wheelchairs is estimated to reach $2.9 billion by the year 2018, and new products are coming out all the time. Recently, an old press release about a pedal wheelchair that can help stroke victims walk again has been making the rounds online. But do these claims really check out?

    To help patients who have suffered from strokes rehabilitate, a chiropractic office in Kansas City is taking a new approach using special Japanese wheelchairs.

    Cogy, designed by Japanese engineers, is a brand of pedal wheelchairs that are used to help rehabilitate leg muscles while allowing patients to get from one place to another. Unlike most wheelchairs, the Cogi actually requires the use of your legs. According to the press release, some patients, like 68-year old Fred Franzen, are already pleased with their results.

    “Before the chair, my legs were weak. I could not walk or balance myself. With this chair, I can get up and walk by myself with a cane,” said Franzen.

    The former tennis coach suffered a massive stroke three years ago and was told that due to the severity of his stroke, his condition would never improve. After receiving electro-acupuncture treatments to regain some feeling in his leg, he became one of the first customers of the chair.

    Still, saying that this pedal wheelchair can help stroke victims walk again sounds like a major exaggeration, and so far it’s only available in one city. And of course, pedal wheelchairs usually aren’t a practical choice for long-term wheelchair users.

    What are pedal wheelchairs?
    While most people think of power wheelchairs when they think of high quality seating or geriatric chairs for the elderly, pedal wheelchairs are helpful for people who can still use their legs. Similar to most manual wheelchairs, these wheelchairs have two large wheels, one on each side. The difference is that the wheels are connected to a smaller directional wheel located in the front. The user controls the wheels using foot pedals located near the directional wheel in front.

    These types of wheelchairs are great for those who are paralyzed on one side or want to get exercise while remaining in their chair. The reason for this is that both the healthy limbs and hemiplegic lower limbs cooperate in order to move the wheelchair. Once a patient becomes comfortable, they can go at a walking pace.

    With innovations such as pedal wheelchairs, the elderly and others with disabilities or issues with mobility will be able to live more independently. They are best recommended for those who have paralysis on one side or slight to extreme mobility issues.

    Talk to your doctor about pedal-style wheelchairs to find out if it’s the right choice for you.

    Why Going to an Urgent Care Might Be a Better Option than an Emergency Room

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    When your little one falls and fractures their wrist or we just can’t seem to get a fever to go down, no matter what we do, the first place we tend to go on short notice is the emergency room. This isn’t necessarily wrong or a bad thing but there is a better choice available. As long as the situation is not life and death you could go to an urgent care facility and receive the same or better service in a shorter amount of time, while spending less money. Let’s go over a few of the benefits of going to urgent care centers over the emergency room.

    Shorter Overall Times
    Urgent care facilities not only have shorter wait times but they even have a call ahead option at some clinics. If an Continue Reading

    Why Getting Healthy Should Be on the Top of Everyone’s List

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    There are so many different ways that different people prioritize the things in their lives. In fact, in general, success can be a bit difficult to measure or assess, as so many people have different ideas of what that could mean. Someone who makes the effort and eventually gains the ability to travel may deem the person who sits behind a desk to be less of a success, but that person may see the traveler in a similar light, as they do not have the stability that the desk job offers. People can prioritize their jobs, houses, vehicles, families, travel destinations, finances, pets, and talents in an endless number of ways, but there is one thing that it boils down to for everyone, and that is health.

    Why your health should be your top priority

    The Continue Reading

    Substance Abuse in the Workplace: A Discussion

    Substance abuse sometimes causes serious problems, not just for the person suffering with a substance abuse disorder, but also the people who lives and works with them. It is, unfortunately a huge problem. Every year, one out of every five Canadians experience a mental health or addiction problem, and substance abuse causes 47,000 deaths in Canada annually. Then there’s the $8 billion it costs the Canadian health care system.

    Substance abuse at work can be one of the hardest situations to both detect and deal with. Explore the dangers and the possible causes in the workplace below:

    Dangers of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

    There is no doubt that substance abuse in the workplace cannot be encouraged, condoned, or ignored if you want to maintain a safe work environment. Besides being a health and safety problem, it can also affect profits and productivity. Some reasons for this include: sleeping on the job, tardiness or absences resulting in work left undone, poor decision making, especially when it comes to client relations or business deals, possible theft from the company, a loss of efficiency, and even the lowered morale of coworkers.

    In addition, intoxicated employees are much more likely to hurt themselves on the job, use more sick days, and file workers compensation claims. In jobs involving vehicles, tools, or heavy equipment, the danger is literally deadly.

    Sometimes, compassionate employers will ask alcohol and drug abuse counselors what they can do to prevent substance abuse in the workplace. Sadly, there aren’t any easy answers.

    Factors Contributing to Employee Substance Abuse

    Most of the time, an employee’s drug or alcohol abuse use has little, if anything, to do with their jobs or work environment. Instead, relying on substances is a way of coping with mental illness or issues at home. Even so, stress in the workplace can certainly be a major factor in accelerating self destructive behavior.

    Ask yourself some questions about the culture of your workplace. Is substance abuse accepted? Are substances available for abuse, or are there opportunities that would make their use easy? Is there alienation, bullying, or social divisions that would make substance abuse at work a likely escape or defense mechanism?

    The workplace culture could have a very real effect on how far a workplace substance abuse problem is allowed to go unnoticed.


    Once you have assessed the risk and prevalence of these issues, it’s time to think about prevention. Some strategies might include strictly enforced policies, a strike system, or an employee assistance program. Many companies have a representative trained in compassionate employee assistance, who can help refer struggling employees to resources like inpatient rehab centres or outpatient addiction treatment centres.