Male Infertility What Are the Causes?

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    Hundreds of couples all around the world have difficulty conceiving a child due to issues with infertility. While many might think of infertility as a woman’s issues, about 1/3 of infertility cases can be attributed to issues with the male partner. Many men are unaware of the issues that can contribute to the inability for a couple to conceive. Here are a few things that fertility experts may check for in the male partner of an infertile couple.

    Male infertility is most typically caused by problems with sperm production, or sperm transport. About two-thirds of men who have problems with infertility have difficulty producing sperm in the testes. This results in a low sperm count, or sperm that are deformed. Thi Continue Reading

    Tips to Help Seniors Beat the Heat

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    Summer heat is a huge issue for everyone in the summer months, affecting even the most healthy young people. The elderly however, are at an even higher risk for heat-related illnesses. The problem is, as people get older, they become less able to feel their body temperature rising, which leaves the elderly susceptible to heat stroke or exhaustion. The other health conditions many seniors deal with in addition to the heat can be a recipe for disaster. Read on for a few tips to get through the summer heat!

    Know Your Medicines

    Many medicines prescribed to seniors actually dehydrate them on their own, so combined with hot weather they are at risk. Even though many Baby Boomers report that their physical activity is limited to just a few days each month, dehydration can still set in. Be Continue Reading

    Aging Parents And A Rapidly Changing Population The Benefit Of Elder Care Services

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    Taking a loved one to a hospice can be an upsetting experience for everybody involved. Knowing that someone you care about is going to be under the constant supervision of strangers, as well as out of immediate reach, can be a difficult leap to make. For the loved one in question, being removed from the environment and people they know and love can be stressful and lonely. However, I’m here to lay these fears to rest — elder care services are a meticulously managed and maintained environment meant to physically, emotionally and mentally assist those in their later stages of their life. A hospice is like a second family and one you can count on to help those you care about when Continue Reading

    What Does Good Nutrition Look Like?

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    It is 2015. The food pyramid–now a plate template– has been in public usage in the U.S. since 1992. Do we really need a template or a nutrition teacher to tell us how to eat? Apparently yes. Read below to decide if one could help you.

    What qualifies a food as nutritious or not-as-nutritious? If our schools (and honorable First Lady) did not put so much emphasis on how to live healthy and happy, maybe we would not be so quick to answer. A healthy nutrition plan is now color-coded for your easy use. And yet, more than 78.6 million (or one–third) U.S. adults are obese.

    How much soda do you drink? One study of American soda drinkers found that the average adult consume Continue Reading

    3 Factors to the Growth of Telepsychiatry Software

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    The advantages of telemedicine have been established and discussed ad nauseam in various articles and publications. The telehealth industry is projected to generate $1.9 billion in 2018, up from $240 million in 2013. For all intents and purposes it appears to be the new frontier for healthcare. One of the specific types of telemedicine that is seeing particular interest is telepsychiatry software. Here are three potential reasons why.

      1.) Prevalence: Mental illness can take a a variety of forms. It’s one of the most common abnormalities a person can suffer from. In fact, up to 35% of all chronically ill individuals are diagnosed with some form of mental illness. Where there is a need, businesses in a free market will look fill it. Since psychiatry is largely how mental illness Continue Reading

    3 Ways to Heal an Injury Faster

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    After suffering an injury, you need to give your body time to heal, or else you’ll risk making said injury even worse. That is a matter of fact. However, there are things family practice doctors say you can do to help hasten your recovery. Here are just a few.

    Ice It Up. – Immediately after you’ve suffered an injury, you should put ice on it. Leave it on there for about 10 minutes, then take it off, and put the ice back on again for another 10 minutes. If it starts melting quickly on you, get more, perhaps after you take it off the first time. You’re going to want to keep icing it as you continue to heal. Do it three times a day for the first 72 hours — once in the morning, once at noon, and again at night.

    Work It Out. – Now, this is Continue Reading

    3 Things You Should Know About Looking For a Doctor Online

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    Thanks to the Internet, finding a doctor has never been so easy. All you have to do is just search Google, find the closest ones, read some reviews, and there you go, right?

    Actually, no. Whether you’re finding a physician, or finding a medical specialist, you need to dig a little bit deeper when searching the Internet. Here are a few tips to help you find a doctor online.

    Positive Online Reviews Do Not Mean High Quality of Care. – One thing you need to realize about online reviews is that they may be positive, but that doesn’t mean the doctor provides a high quality of care. Studies have actually found weak correlation between health ratings, and other Continue Reading

    What You Need To Know About Moles

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    Moles are some of the most common growths on skin, and in most cases, they’re completely harmless, painless, and nothing to be embarrassed about. That being said, it’s important to understand what they really are and why some people have them while others don’t — even more importantly, you should know what to look for if you’re worried that a mole is cancerous.

    Here’s a quick guide to moles, along with some pointers about when to consult your local dermatologist for an expert opinion if you’re worried:

    • Moles are discolorations of the skin and appear as brown or black spots, which are sometimes raised. The color and size of a mole may change over time, but most people begin developin Continue Reading

    Am I in Menopause?

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    Menopause is one of the biggest womens health issues and can be a hard time for women, both physically and mentally.   One thing that makes this transitional time more difficult is that its arrival doesn’t always announce itself if ways women expect and it doesn’t always come at the same age.  The average age for it to begin is 51 but it can start as early as the 30s and others don’t experience until their 60s and a more realistic range is 40-58.  Additionally a lifetime of economic hardship or depression can hasten its arrival.  For a few years before menopause, a woman enters what’s called perimenopause. This is the real trans Continue Reading

    How Does Your Nursing Home Measure Up? Key Factors Include Staff Availability

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    Recovering from trachs, or tracheostomy surgery that is performed to improved a patient’s breathing function, can be challenging. Although most trachs are temporary, performing daily tasks can become difficult or impossible; many patients who are getting trachs or recovering from them are choosing to convalesce in a nursing home or skilled nursing care facility.

    Nursing homes can offer speech therapy, instruction on caring for trachs in terms of cleaning and sterilizing medical equipment, and round-the-clock skilled nursing care. An overwhelming surgery does require extended rest on the part of the p Continue Reading

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