Tips for Finding a Pediatrician That Meets Your Children’s Needs

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    Between a recent measles outbreak in southern California that his since spread to 11 other states, to a particularly severe cold and flu season that left countless children hospitalized, choosing a pediatrician for your child’s needs is more important now than ever before.

    Pediatric doctors are similar to family or primary care physicians in that they treat a wide variety of common ailments, however, pediatric doctors focus on treating patients from 0 to 18 years of age. However, as with shopping for any kind of goods or services, finding a pediatrician takes some time and research.

    When choosing a pediatrician, it’s important to assess your own parenting style in order to dete Continue Reading

    Why You Should Go to Your Doctor, Not The Emergency Room

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    There are all kinds of barriers and excuses. Maybe you are sure how to find a primary care physician, can only afford a low cost clinic or you feel like 24 hr urgent care is just so much more convenient. There are valid but it’s important to remember the purpose of family health care: to build relationships and observe patterns over time.
    If you went to your primary care physician every time you got sick, he or she would have a very good picture of your general health. Maybe they would notice that you are particularly susceptible to upper respiratory viruses and could suggest preventative measures. Maybe they would notice that your digestion Continue Reading

    Three Reasons Why a Racquet and Tennis Club Could Help You Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

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    The new year is a time for setting new goals, and if you’re like many people, you likely want to improve yourself both physically and mentally. Losing weight and getting in shape are some of the most common goals that people set for themselves, but they often are unsure of how to go about this. Working out at a racquet club, however, can be an effective way to lose weight, get in shape, and do some socializing, too.

    Whether you’re looking to lose some average holiday weight gain or you want to get fit for the new year, there are plenty of reasons to join one of your area racquet and tennis clubs. Here are three of the most popular reasons to start playing tennis and squash now:

      1. To meet your weight loss goals. The average holiday weight gain for most people in the United Continue Reading

    How You Could Save Your Marriage With Discernment Counseling

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    Marriage counseling is something that many unhappy couples have already gone through, or are considering for the near future. But there’s one thing that keeps many couples from even seeking out couples therapy and giving it a shot: the notion that it might not work at all, and that their time, money, and energy will have been spent in vain.

    This uncertainty about the success of marriage counseling has plagued more than a few couples, so if you’ve wondered those questions too, you definitely aren’t alone. But there’s a fairly new type of therapy for couples that may be able to address this concern: it’s called discernment counseling.

    It’s best to think about Continue Reading

    The Benefits of Using High Quality, Professional Skin Care Products

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    While there are a number of old wives’ tales regarding health and beauty that simply aren’t true, science has proven that you really are what you eat.

    A diet rich in processed, fatty, and sodium-rich foods can wreak havoc on your skin and overall appearance. Also, the majority of Americans are dehydrated, consuming far less than the recommended minimum of 64 ounces of water per day. Adding alcohol, nicotine, and genetics to the equation and you’ve created a recipe for premature aging.

    Thankfully, Americans are becoming more and more health conscious and are making the connection between internal health and outward beauty. After all, doesn’t true beauty come from within? So, if you wouldn’t put junk food in your body why would you put low-quality skin care products on the outside of y Continue Reading