Three Reasons to Keep Urgent Care Centers On Your Radar

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    Coming down with a nasty cold on a holiday weekend or breaking a finger bone at 3 A.M. may not be the worst situation you’ve been in, but it’s certainly not something you want to experience. But instead of holding off for days to see your normal primary care doctor, and instead of rushing to the hospital emergency room, you may want to consider going to the closest 24 hour urgent care center. Here are three reasons why these clinics may be the best option during a minor emergency:

    1. If you have children, urgent care centers are invaluable. The average child catches between six and ten colds a year — and this isn’t including flu bugs, strep throat, or any other viruses. Some colds are treatable with over-the-counter medicine from your local pharmacy, but others get out of hand pretty quickly an Continue Reading

    Three Reasons Urgent Care Centers Are Spreading Like Wildfire Across the US

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    A quick search in Google News for “urgent care” will net you an ostensibly endless string of stories about hospitals who are either closing their doors or making huge investments into advanced urgent care centers across the country. From a handful of locations 10 years ago to over 9,000 urgent care clinics today, urgent care facilities are the fastest growing type of medical centers in the country. Why are urgent care services growing at a geometric rate while traditional hospitals struggle to compete? Read on to find out.

    Three Reasons Urgent Care Centers Are Spreading Like Wildfire

    1. Urgent Care Hours Are Plastic
    2. As The Times-Picayune writes, Americans want more convenient healthcare services. One of the biggest problems that has emerged ove Continue Reading

    The Top Three Healthy Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

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    For many, weight loss is the major struggle in their life. It isn’t an easy struggle by any means. Here are three ways you can try to reach your ideal body type:

    1. Traditional Diet and Exercise

    While it may be tempting to move directly to a more extreme measure of weight loss, any weight loss dr would attest that the first and most reliable method that anyone should consider is plain old diet and exercise. This is because taking off any amount of weight is only half of the challenge in weight loss; the other, far more difficult half is keeping that weight off. It isn’t enough to drop the weight and try to live as you did. The only way to reach a comfortable body type and stay there is to adopt healthy living habits that support that body type. Sometimes, though, healthy living is simply ineffective at elimi Continue Reading

    Three Incredible Hair Loss Solutions You Need to Hear About

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    Hair loss can be a serious blow to a person’s self-confidence. It’s why 30% of people would be willing to become abstinent if it meant getting their hair back; why 47% of people would be willing to spend all of their life savings on hair loss treatments that could fully restore their hair; and why 60% of people would rather have more hair than more money or friends.

    Thankfully, modern medicine has delivered several, advanced hair restoration options that can quickly return a person’s confidence and self-esteem. If you’re suffering from baldness, one of these hair loss solutions may be able to help.

    Scalp Pigmentation.

    Scalp pigmentation is the process of having a bald area of the head tattooed with tiny dots that simulate the look of a real, buzzed haircut. Continue Reading

    Skilled Nursing Care Facility for the Elderly

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    A skilled nursing care facility are nursing homes that have nursing home activities and treat the patients with a higher level of care than other senior living facilities. You may wonder what is a skilled nursing care facility and how does it help my loved one. What kind of facility is it? A nursing home, often called a convalescent home, is a place where patients live, who have significant disabilities with activities of daily life, and need around the clock medical care.

    How to choose a nursing home is another important question. Some nursing homes are set up like hospitals and offer medical care, physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Other nurs Continue Reading

    Questions to Ask Your Family Dentist

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    Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for overall health and self esteem. A recent study showed that 74% of adults in the United States felt an unattractive smile could hurt their chance for career success, while 96% of people believe a great smile makes a person more attractive to the opposite sex.

    Whether you are switching to another family dentist office or if you are new to how things work at the dentist, always be sure to ask plenty of questions — they can end up making your visit a lot more pleasant and you may end up saving more time, money, and see an improvement in your oral health.

    Below are a list of important questions to ask when choosing a family dentist:

    1. How much do you charge for general dentistry services and cavity fillings? Tooth decay is four times more common t Continue Reading

    Five Reasons to Get Breast Implant Surgery

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    Choosing whether or not to get surgical breast augmentation is a big decision. If you are thinking about it, consider the following five reasons to get breast implants.
    Mommy makeovers
    One of the reasons to get breast implants is that many women find that their bodies are not the same after having children. Children are always a blessing, but they can change a woman’s body pretty drastically. Breast augmentation is a common procedure for a mommy makeover, and can help bring a woman’s body back to the way it was before children.
    After having a mastectomy
    One of the most important reasons to get breast implants is for reconstruction after breast cancer. Many women are opting for breast augmentation after having a mastectomy surgery; in one year, about 96,000 women ch Continue Reading

    What you Must Ask For During Your Next Trip to the Salon

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    Each person has between 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on their head, and the appearance of each of these hairs is extremely important. It sets the tone for the rest of your style and signals what kind of person you are to those you meet.

    Now, despite the fact that the appearance of your hair is so important, many still neglect the look of their hair and claim ignorance when it comes to styling their hair. This is why it is so important for people to visit beauty hair salons.

    There are many benefits to getting your hair done at a beauty salon and spa.

    First, when you go to the beauty salon and spa, you will not only have your hair professionally cut and styled, but they can also give yo Continue Reading

    From After Hour Care to X-Rays Here are Three Reasons to Visit Your Local Urgent Care Center

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    Have you ever had an accident that sent you to the emergency room in the evening? What about the times that you were sick but couldn’t take time off from work to visit a doctor? If these situations apply to you, you may have spent a ton of money at the emergency room, or you may have forgone medical care altogether. This can lead to a serious health issue later on if you’re not careful.

    However, there is a solution that allows Americans to receive affordable medical care when they need it: using an urgent care clinic that offers after hour care. Walk-in clinics are often open for after hour care, and some even have doctors on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a wee Continue Reading

    Get the Care You Need, Now!

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    When you’re sick, all you want is to feel better fast. You don’t want to wait for the doctor to get back to you, and you don’t want to run around trying to get medication. All you want to do is lie down, close your eyes, and pray that you will magically be cured.

    If you can’t get through to your doctor, you could always go to the emergency room and be treated. While this is a great option, sitting in an ER waiting room for hours while more serious cases are tended to is probably not ideal either.

    So what can you do?

    Luckily, urgent care clinics are there to help.

    There are thousands of urgent care clinics across the country. These facilities are usually open seven days a week, and operate beyond normal business hours, making them much more convenient. Some urgent care centers are even open 24 hours Continue Reading

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